Exercise - what do you do?

So this is the diabetes athletes forum - what is your preferred workout?

I'm really into lifting - my current program is adapted from Arnold S.'s body building encyclopedia. Also do cardio and yoga. I workout 5-7 days a week and I love it.

What does everyone else do?

I do a mix a strenght training and cardio a couple times a week. I mostly ride my horses. But that also means cleaning stalls, so I get a good workout!

Well I end up doing a lot of different workouts to keep in shape for my job.  I am a professional racing driver and while most people think I just sit down all day for my job it really is quite demanding physically and mentally.  If I am not in good enough shape, my mental concentration lets me down and I make mistakes or just don't do as well as I know I can.  So I end up doing a lot of cardio- running, swimming, cycling; as well as weights to keep strong enough.  I am trying to stay lean so the car is as light as possible so that means I don't do anything to 'bulk' up.

When I am doing my intensive winter training program, it is twice a day, 6 days a week for the length of the off season (8 weeks or so).  Each workout session is between and hour and two.  When I first start that hard- it kills me!  I sleep like 14 hours a day, but by the second week I have so much energy.

I use a CGM and that really helps me keep an eye on what's happening with my body while I am exercising.  I really notice a difference in my effectiveness when my sugars are doing different things. And I notice that different workouts affect me differently for differing lengths of time!

Athletics is a main focus in my life.

I run 5 to 10 miles a day for my Track and Cross Country teams,

and I do an upper body workout every other day.

I train so much that I only have to take one shot of basal insulin a day.

It has been like this for over 8 months!!

When I was first diagnosed my sugars were well in the 700's.

I quickly got used to the conditions of a diabetic and

ate healthier than I ever had in my life.

I guess I took advantage of the disease early on

Because after a month and a half of taking bolus insulin,

I have never had to take it again.

I haven't even had to consider using a pump!

I consider myself very lucky to be living under these conditions.

Exercise really has a huge impact on diabetes, well, mine at least.

I would strongly consider anyone who has just recently been diagnosed

to begin exercising as soon as their doctor gives them permission.

I wouldn't be where I am now if athletic training wasn't a part of my life.


I hope this helps someone.. :)


I work out 6 days a week....running 3 days, other cardio machines the other 3 days.  I also squeeze in strength training and pilates on these days also.  I am going to begin training for a half-marathon in January.  My runs right now range from 3-6 miles each, depending on the day.  My cardio on the machines(eliptical, arctrainer) is an hour.  I really enjoy exercising and feel like it's an important tool to use as a diabetic.  My basal rates have gone down considerably since I started running a couple years ago.  One thing that drives me crazy about it though is that I have to work out the same time every day to keep my sugars stable.  I workout every morning around 5:30.  If I have a conflict and have to work out in the afternoon or evening then my sugars are all out of whack for about 24 hours.  Definitely frustrating....but just another thing to adjust to as a diabetic! 

However, I look at my diabetes as a blessing in disguise.  I eat more healthy and work out more now than I did pre-diabetes.  It's changed my life, but for the better! :)

I run about 3 times a week for 4 miles or so and i lift on the other two days. Im also playing football and softball. Ever since i was diagnosed a month ago, i have increased the intensity of my workouts and have more energy than ever.

[quote user="Charlie Kimball"]When I am doing my intensive winter training program, it is twice a day, 6 days a week for the length of the off season (8 weeks or so).  Each workout session is between and hour and two. 


Wow! What exactly are you doing during those workouts? Are you doing cardio twice a day or lifting twice a day? Or racing?

Do you guys find it's hard to keep muscle on working out like this and being diabetic? Does anyone drink post-workout shakes, etc?

I play volleyball 4 my school team and a rec team! I love volleyball! Some people think it is a easy sport but it is very difficult. It get you in very good shape and makes your leg and arm mucles very strong! i have at least lost a couple of pounds from playing and i have played for 2 years strait!!! It is the best sport ever!!!:]

I play varsity volleyball for my school. We have practice for about 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours every weekday after school. Except on Tuesdays & Thursdays, which is when we have games. Our coaches makes us weightlift in the morning before school, three days a week as well.

I also have an equine. I ride about five days a week after volleyball practice. Two out of five of those days are lessons with my coach. We then compete on the weekends (during the summer they're during the week as well) around the Midwest.

I am a workout-aholic. haha.  My friends think I am crazy when I work out but its what I live for.  When not in my soccer season for college, I try to lift weight 3-5 days a week while also getting some cardio or basketball workout afterwards or here and there.  Along with that, I also play in indoor soccer games 3 times a week so I pretty much workout almost everyday. 

Right now, I am taking a break because my body needs it.  Its good for diabetics to take a week long break once in a while because muscles need time to recover.  They cannot last forever (I wish it did)  so you need to rest, in order to gain better results later on. 

And Payton, I drink protein shakes after workouts or as regular drinks almost everyday, once or twice a day.  The best stuff are 100% whey protein or even better No/Low Carb Isopure.  The Chocolate is probably the best way to go since you can mix it with water or milk and still taste good.  But vanilla is good with milk and for smoothies if you fruits and yogurts.  And if I got ice cream, I mix milk, ice cream, and the protein powder for a delicious tasting drink.

I hope that helps.

i live 2 minutes away from the woods and 5 minutes away from the beach (wlking distance) so i have a lot of stuff to do for exercise. i also live about 2 minutes from school. whenever me and my friends are looking for something to do we normally go up to the school's fields and play football, soocer and field hockey. i play on the varsity field hockey team at my school as well. i normally spend my weekends walking in the woods or going to the beach.

I play baseball competitively, squash recreationally, which can be great cardio, and lifting about 3 times/week. 

-also, does anyone find they become low inevitably during cardio exercise? I snack before hand, turn my pump off, and drink juice throughout the workout. If anyone has some tips, they would be greatly appreciated.  

i ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track all through middle and high school, and now im running in college.

i run 5ks during cross country and mostly middle distance during the track seasons.  summer is mostly longer runs with some hill and speed training.

I play volleyball for my school and I also play softball. I run sometimes but not nearly as much as I would like too.

I'm going to join soccer in the spring, so my blood sugar will probably get crazy! I'm also probably getting an indo board for christmas. It won't be intense exercise, but it will be fun!

i play golf and baseball

I run or when it gets cold play inside on either the treadmill or elliptical machine for over 3 miles, usually end up around 4.5 miles. I do minimal upper body and than just work on abs and such. Nothing to killer.

I do play ultimate frisbee though, which is great when I can play. However, the group I play with can be quite aggressive, one night a few months back I was playing and one of the kids covering my grabbed my shirt and inadvertenly pulled the sensor for my CGMS out. That was not a comfortable experience. But I learned from that.


I just did some research on exercise and type 1 diabetes for a grad school paper.  It seems that moderate intensity, longer duration has a greater effect on hypoglycemia than say lifting or short burst of intense exercise.  Obviously, you might want to check with your healthcare provider but since the insulin that is administered via the pump actually affects the body an hour or two afterwards you might just want to try adjusting your basal rate a little lower about two hours prior to your cardio workouts. 

I usually do full body lifting workouts 3, sometimes 4 days a week.  Twice I weak I train brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

I'll have to start cycling in the Spring, as I'm going to do the 100 miles Ride for a Cure in Whitefish, Montana. 

I play volleyball! To me it is the best sport ever! So many people think it is such an easy sport, but it is not!!!!!:] LOLOLOLOLOL!