What did everyone do/are you doing for exercise while pregnant?

Did you get permission from your OB or endo to exercise?

I’ve just joined the gym at work so I’m going 2-3x/week in the mornings with two co-workers (basically just to make sure we all wake up and get our asses in there at 7am haha).

I haven’t actually talked to either of my doctors about exercise (which is stupid, I saw them both last week!) but I used to hike (beginner/intermediate trails) before my pregnancy so I figure it’s probably okay as long as I’m not going too hard. I stopped hiking stopped when the exhaustion hit (which also happened to be shortly after I found out I was pregnant after a 3hr 14km hike haha) so I’m getting back into exercising. Hiking was out this summer for me anyways as it’s been too hot for me to go outside, let alone hike, so I’m hoping to get into a good routine at the gym instead. Might try to get an easy hike or two in before it starts raining again for the fall since the heat is dying down…

Does anyone have a recommendation for a workout app? I’m so bad at coming up with routines and keeping track of reps even if I have a piece of paper haha. I’ve just been doing the recumbent bike for 20-30mins and a few exercises with light weights this past week.

Make sure your doctor doesn’t have any concerns. If not, exercise is great for you and your baby.

I was too tired in first trimester to work out but for the duration of my pregnancy did a moms-in-motion yoga and water aerobics class. It really helped keep the swelling down in my feet.

In 2nd trimester I was still able to walk and hike. By 3rd trimester my balance was great, partly because of weight but also because your joints become more loose between your hips and legs and other joints. It’s a hormone thing.

Yeah I need to get started back doing yoga and aquafit. Only thing that sucks is the only “prenatal” yoga class near me is at 1230 on Saturdays and the only gentle aquafit class is during the weekdays while I’m working. I could do restorative at a studio, but it’s so much more expensive that route I can’t really afford too haha.

I see my docs again on the 7th so I’ll confirm with them about my (light) weight lifting but I haven’t had any issues so far so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. :slight_smile:

Ask at the local hospitals and your OBGYNs office about exercise classes for mos to be. If they are offered, it’s a great way to feel good and meet other women who are expecting.

If not, just do what you can at the regular classes. Even in 3rd trimester you can feel a little awkward, but the yoga really stretches out your back and being in the water helps reduce the pressure of the extra weight. Feels great!


I believe that as long as you stay hydrated and keep exertion to a moderate level (you should be able to hold a conversation while working out), you can do almost any type of exercise you were doing before you got pregnant. As far as hiking goes, as long as you don’t feel like you’re going to trip and fall, it should be fine. Cardio is great for anyone, and there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t lift moderate weight. Just listen to your body, and if it feels like too much, stop doing it. We aren’t allowed to do any exercises laying flat on our backs or be inverted, like doing handstands either.

I’ve been doing crossfit, which is a combination of strength, agility, and endurance, for a little over a year. I still do almost everything with almost the same weight I was doing before getting pregnant. I know how hard I can push it and when I need to modify to stay safe. I’ve also continued to ride my bike and walk. I’ve heard that prenatal yoga is wonderful, but I just don’t take the time to do it.

Staying in good shape will help us so much when it comes to delivery and lugging around a baby and baby equipment, so stick with it!

@jennagrant - sadly my endo and my OB are downtown and I live an hour’s drive so any courses offered near them are going to be hard to get to. But there are options out here so I just gotta do more research :slight_smile:

@Erica1710 - yeah I’ve been avoiding anything with laying down and use the bench propped up on an angle for some of the weight exercises I do :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ll get the green light, just wasn’t sure if most people check with their doctor’s first like you’re “supposed to” haha.