Hey everyone!! Looking for some people to exercise with. I've always found it too be way easier to exercise and follow my routines when I have someone else doing the same thing but its summer and all my friends are'nt arounf. So I was thinking Maybe we could do something like that, Make a Blog or something in which people can work with me too decide on what would be a good routine, then we can post in what we did that day, or if we have a simple victory, because if you are able to brag about what you have done, you will feel better about trying to do it more and feel better about yourself in turn. does this idea make sense to you?

Im looking for 14 year old 5ft-5ft6 Girls around 11o-140Pounds to do this with me so that we are around the same level of activity so we all get a good workout and are able to complete it :) Thanks so much for reading this, please comment if you have any ideas, or Messege/add me and Join. I will be making a Blog called Teensercise101 right now :)

Hi Kat u can e-mail me at diabeteskid1998@gmail.com And we can talk about getting a good routine together that would work for the both of us