I really enjoy exercising really hard, the only problem is i need to make sure my sure is either about 200 or 150 and on the rise before i exercise or i will go low.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me manage my sugar with exercise better, particularly running.


I had that problem when I first became diabetic.  For some reason, I do not go low very often anymore.  For the most part I am high more than anything else.  If I am consistently doing cardio type of exercises then yes, I do get lows.  Typically this happens if I go into it at 110 or so then I drop around 50 points.  Sounds like your metabolism is way up there right now.

I usually avoid doing my insulin less than 60minutes before I excerise, as it will cause you to go low. I test before hand and have a small snack(no insulin) if I'm lower than 6. I usually keep something close by incase I need sugar, and test directly after excerising and have another small snack right away. I donno what you do before and after..but that's what I do and so far I have only gone low once since I started last June with a trainer.

I was having a big problem with going low during exercising. Even if my blood sugar is on the higher side, within 30 minutes of exercise it starts to decrease. I've found that I feel best during the workouts if I'm around 150 before.  I suspend my insuling pump before starting. Then every 30-45 minutes I will test my blood, and if needed I will have about 15-20 carbohydrates. This I have found helps enormously, especially when I do long runs, half marathons, and workouts including both resistance training and cardio. It took me a little while to adjust to the way my body reacts, but once you get on a good schedule, your blood sugars should not go as low. I hope this helps.


Are you on a pump? or shots? 

One thing that often gets neglected in the conceptualization of how metabolism works with regard to insulin is the importance of activity in the whole scheme of things.

Blood Sugar Change = Food - Insulin - Activity

If Insulin + Activity > Food, you're going to drop. If you zero out Insulin (as some suggested by stalling your pump or not taking insulin immediately before) you only have to balance your food and activity.

What you need to do is figure out what the balance is for you. Figure out how your body responds to different stimuli and plan food and insulin according to your activity... not just overall, but over the course of your exercising. Just because you have enough food to keep your blood sugar change close to neutral in the first 5-15 minutes of exercising doesn't mean you have enough 30-60 minutes in.

Good luck!

I'm on the pump

I would say to eat right before you exercise, don't try to be high before you exercise. That way you get the sugar from the food while you exercise.