Experiencing high glucose effects but glucose levels are normal

I have been experiencing that awful nauseous feeling you get when your sugars are really high, but I've been checking my sugars frequently and they have been pretty normal all day, ranging 76 - 119.  Has anyone else experienced this before?  I don't know what to do because I haven't done anything unusual and I haven't been eating any more than usual, but I just woke up this morning feeling like I was really high.  However, when I checked I was only 119 and then my numbers have been down ever since.  Although, I still can't shake this awful feeling off.

Hey Scrappy -  Yes - in fact I had something similar a week and a half ago.  I thought it was the flu even tho my sugars were perfect but I felt high, like my blood was syrup.  It was weird.  The good thing for me was that I had an endo apt right then.  She gave me some Zofran (well the generic for it) which disolves in your mouth and stops the nausea.  I still didn't feel like eating but at least the nausea was gone.  They use it a lot for cancer patients and pregnancy.  I still don't know what it was outside of maybe stress.  Anyway, if the nausea is still around, the stuff works well.  Hope you are feeling better.

Thanks Doug,

I have been experiencing a lot of stress.  I'm feeling better now, but it lasted a couple of days.