Explaining over and over and over

ok so does anyone else ever get sick of attempting 2 explain diabetes to the idiots of the world who after and hour of explaination are still asking me if i got it from eating 2 much sugar? i had an experience like that today and i was practically fuming when i finally gave up.

Of course I know how you feel!!! I just started a new high school and all the people i have met and all my new friends i've had to explain to them what diabetes is and how i got it....and some were even so scared by it they never talked to me again but thats ok since i have lots of new friends now who dont care :) but if it gets frusterating just say no to all the Q's that require a no and yes to all the Q's that require a yes and dont say naything else! Then if they are curious ebough they will go look it up themselves but i highly doubt anyone will say they will just stop asking dumb Q's after that and move on to becoming friends with you! :D thats the best remedy! haha good luck! :)

Yes - especially at the start of every school year. I can't tell you how often I've exhausted the words 'Independent type 1 diabetic,' on the 'Getting to know you!' sheets.

This years I've taken to writing 'may need to eat in class or go to the nurse's office; I'll talk to you if I need anything,' since I'm sick of getting questions when I'm not ready to answer them :P

My school is super intense about using cell phones and ipods at school (cheating has evidently been a problem in the past couple years....academic dishonesty is considered one of the 7 deadly sins at my school haha) Isn't it convenient that my pump/cgm look exactly like a cell phone??? A find myself hiding my pump when I'm using it so I won't have to explain to my furious teacher why I have my "cell phone" out during class. ughh

i know! i always get looks from teachers in the hallway whenever my pump is visible. i'm like IT'S A MEDICAL DEVICE!!!

haha i got in trouble for having my insulin pump out in the hallway. i explained to the teacher what it was and she started crying cuz she felt so bad. i actually had to give her a hug and i explained to her that i wasn't mad or upset, that it gets mistaken for pagers/cellphones/ipods etc. i felt really bad for her

so i just got depressed cause i wrote this whole thing for this post then my computer ate it ya idk but lets just say a kid asked me if i still had it and i got mad and blah blah blah

o.. wait ya i was in math class and my pump did the low resivour beep and my teacher yelled WHOS CELLFONE IS ON????? and i was like im sry mr buesing its my insulin pump im a type one diabetic. he felt so bad he came over to me after he was done teaching and apologized so many times and i was like its fine and he thought i was still up set so he asked my bffl during free peroid if i was really ok and she was like ya!!!

something like that happened to me, except it was with a kid not a teacher. the teacher was passing out candy and so i pulled out my pump to bolus. Then this kid that has always been a real jerk looked over and saw me with it and screamed "IPOD!". All my friends turned around and started yelling at him and I was like "uh, hello? it's my insulin pump. I'm a diabetic." and he started going "oh my god i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry...."   it was hysterical especially coming from that kid who i don't think had ever before admitted he was wrong.

That like happened to me too. It was the second day of high school and i was in math and i hate making a big deal about me being diabetic, so when my pump started beeping my math teacher was like "I heard the cell phone and i will find out who's it is."  And i was in the middle row where she never goes and she kept ignoring me. So at the end of class i told her what it was and she was like "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Let me know if you need anything, ok?" i was going to tell her about it at the end of class anyway. Maybe i should tell teachers that kinda stuff before the bell rings.


YES !!!! all the time actually....but anyway my pump beeps all the time in class and my teachers dont even ask me if im ok anymore becasue they know i can handle whatevers wrong. its funny though because all my friends stare at me and say laurennnnnnn!. so yeah. some people in other grades at my school still ask me what diabetes even tough i was diagnosed like 2 years ago......its like they are scared to ask me or something lol

at the beginnig of the year people(guys) would go oooooooooo go turn that cell phone off. I hate how people always asume.


Ive had diabetes for 11 years and i'm sure i've explained it about a thousand times. It gets so old explaining the same thing over and over again. and its so frustrating when people don't understand it and you get the "that sucks" reply. people can be really insensitive about it but after a while you just gotta realize that people don't know how to react or what to think because they don't have to deal with diabetes on a daily basis like we do. Even though most people don't get it, its nice to know that other diabetics know exactly  how you feel and what your going through. :)

I HATE it.

In school today, I had one person ask what symptoms were, and before I knew it, i was explaining my diagnosis, symptoms and all this other stuff to like 6 people!!! Last year in my chorus class (consisting of 4 people including me) everyday there was some random question about diabetes, and they came up with the most bizarre things!!

The same thing happened to me at camp. I went to  a non-diabetic camp for 8 weeks and EVERYONE asked me the STUPIDEST questions!!

I hate it so much when that happens. I have friends that I have had all my life who still dont get it! It is just so dumb and I agree with you 100 percent. What I hate is when people are talking about effects of being over weight and they say " diabetes"! It is not the same and it really tells people the wrong thing! I hate it so much! when will people get the diff between 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God the diff between 1 and 2 is what makes me the most mad

Omg gosh!!!! that used to happen to me all the time!! But i got in trouble the first time it happended because I did not want to stand in front of the whole class and say" I am diabetic, it is my pump, not my cell phone" and then need to go on on on about what it is. So I got a detention (or how ever you spell it) of course I did not need to do it because I explained to him after class but still! I now have my pump on vibtate because I want by t1 to be as low key as possible.

all that explaining that i have to do is gettin old and boring... but then all the friends that i have know or have some one in their family thats diabetic so they know most of the basics as it is.. i just have to explain what they have to do when something happens with me. but when it came to explaining to all of the teachers, and when most of them are idiotic and wont let you go anywhere, that's when i get in trouble and all that fun stuff... 

haha yeah i know i feel the same way. except most of you guys have pumps and i still use the pen. so i always get the "OMG is that a *gasp* NEEDLE?" and then i always have to go through the whole spill of diabetes and why i have to take insulin

i got that all the time when i was on shots. and i always get "doesn't that hurt?" Well duh people let's think logically...it's a needle. Make your own deductions. (oh and for those of you who get that question, a response that always works is "well of course it hurts, but my choices are give the shot or live in the hospital." That usually shuts them up.)

I actually had an experience with the whole needle thing today because my site came out - stupid jeans - and I had to give a shot in the nurse's office. A kid that was sitting a few seats down from me is staring at me with his eyes bulging out of his head. Then he was like "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?". I didn't even respond, for two reasons. A) I couldn't think of anything adequate enough to combat that extremley rude and morronic statement and B) Sometimes I use big words and I don't think he would be able to understand me. So I gave him a simple eye roll. Do you think he understood that?

watch him be a senior and me be stuffed in a locker tommorrow.

its so annoying to explain but i give short explanations

on the other hand, whenever i have a friend over and were gonna eat, my mom just randomly starts explaining every little detail about it :P UGH