Extend Bar

Hey guys,


Just a heads up, for all Canadian users out there,I came across Extend Bar Canada running a great promotion through Facebook which is 5 boxes of ExtendBar with your choices of flavour and for only $33.00. Just like the page ans you will see the promotion on the side. thought I would share. If you don't know about ExtendBar, I would suggest looking it up and giving it a shot (check with you doctor/dietitian that it is ok for you first). Specifically made for people with diabetes (type 1 and 2) and it is GREAT! I've been recommended it by many dietitians. Amazing before you go to bed and before workouts just to name a few scenarios. Said to be good for getting rid of overnight lows. I will post the links below of their website and the promotion page. I am not sure if the US has something like this going on, but if so, respond here and let everyone know! Does anyone else enjoy ExtendBars? Let me know!








Great information thanks Adam!