Extending Life of Minimed CGM Sensor

Hello all,

I started the Minimed CGM system (through my Paradigm 522 pump) last week, and understand that the life of a sensor is generally higher than the "3 days" that Minimed indicates. However, after about 3.5 days of use, I get the "Sensor End" message on my pump.

I'd be interested to understand how to extend the life of the sensor to more than the 3.5 days that I'm currently experiencing.

Thanks very much!

When senor end shows up simply go to Sensor menu -  SENSOR START - NEW SENSOR -  bingo!! my experience is that it can go up to 3 more days .. but gets a little iffy esp if you are getting weird results ... 



Excellent, thank you Scott!

Works great, and ussually get 5+, even 6 days.

I can usually get 6 days out of mine (so two cycles) by doing the "Start new sensor". After that, the calibration gets all messed up and it ends up saying "Bad Sensor".