Extra dexcom G5 sensors available

Dear Forum,
I have a few boxes of Dexcom G5 sensors for anyone that could use them. I know they may be obsolete given that Dexcom is no longer making the G5 transmitters, but if you could use them please let me know.
They have expiration dates of august 2020 (6 sensors), January 2021 (6 sensors).

Hello @Lisabea and welcome to TypeOneNation. Thanks for your generous offer we may have some people who might be able to use them so I’ll leave this open for a few days.

You can also check in with your endocrinologist in case they know of a family that could use the sensors.

That would be great. How can I make this transaction happen? Please let me know. Thanks so much.

Are the sensors still available I could use them for my child . Thank you so much

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