Extra Dexcom G5 Sensors

I have 3 boxes of unused, unexpired Dexcom G5 sensors. I upgraded to the G6 recently and insurance won’t cover both.
Will gladly give them to someone in need. They expire June 2019.

Dear Kirsten,

Our son has TID and has had the Dexcom 5 system for almost 3 years. He recently changed from BC/BS to the WI Medicaid Forward Health, They are telling us they will not cover the Dexcom 5 system at all! We are appealing the decision and working with Disability Rights WI; however that could take over a month to resolve, even if it is in our favor. His sensor technically ran out but we have been using the last one still.

My husband says that the transmitter and the sensor bar codes have to match in order to work. Is that accurate? We are using the APP on his iPhone and we have to enter the bar code into it for the sensor to work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you think they will work.


Patricia Johnson

Hi Patricia,

I’d love to help out!

I don’t remember the sensor and transmitter having to have the same barcode to work for the G5. I believe you can use any sensor, but have to input the transmitter bar code into the app prior to placing, and then perform the fingerpricks for calibration.

If you’re still interested, we can work out shipping details.



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Dear Kirsten,

Thank you so much!

Of course we will pay for shipping. Just let me know how much it costs. Do you have a Chase acct or another money sharing app?

It’s really a relief to know he will have enough to get through this transition time.

Patricia Johnson

My contact info is:

Phone # 262/325-5309

Email - risrvt@gmail.com

Mailing address:

W1004 Iris Rd

Genoa City WI 53128

Hi Patricia, I also have unopened boxes of G5 sensors. Please email me at mlemonohan@gmail.com if you’re in need of more. I live in central Wisconsin, but work in Milwaukee 2 days a week. Perhaps we could arrange to meet for you to pick them up.

Can i please be consider if thier are any g5 senors left please

Hello woule u happen to have a g5 transmitter ? I am in desperate need of one

Sorry but I don’t have any left.

Do you have any more g5 senors left ? That I may have thank you

Sorry but I don’t have any G5 sensors left.

Hello, I am a newby on this forum. Hope that I am doing this correctly. I have both a g5 transmitter and several unexpired sensors.

Hello I’m Heather can I get that g5 transmitter off you ?

I can give u my number so u canntect me it’s 401 548 0490

Hey my numbers 401 548 0490 shoot me a text

Curtiss I wanted to know if I could get the g6 senors please . I would really appreciate it

I have a transmitter and sensors


If you still are in neec, Email me Carolaguarino@verizon.net

It is wonderful that people are offering supplies they no loner need. I am looking for Animas Inset Infusion sets with 9mm cannula. I will happily pay for them. Email me at janmosso0@gmail.com.

Do u still have the transmitters?

I have 3 boxes of unused Dexcom G5 sensors and over 8 boxes of Animas cartridges and infusion sites. FREE
Please email me gehaynes79@gmail.com