Extra Dexcom G6 sensors?

Anyone have extra G6 sensors they would like to get rid of? My son doesn’t always get 10 days out of them, and we are down to our last sensor awaiting the next shipment. Would rather not have a gap in monitoring and company charging over $100 per extra sensor. I would love to have a few extras to bridge the gap. I have shared extra equipment on here before, wondering if someone would be willing to return the favor. Would happily swap for a 5 pack of Omnipod Dash pods if that would interest someone.

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Hi Cindy @cerrocc , I’m familiar with the situation where G6 Sensors don’t last the full ten days - for various reasons.

Rather than have to get additional sensors in this manner, I strongly suggest that your son, or you on hus behalf, contact DexCom support and explain the situation and request replacement. That is the published, and official, AND preferred means to obtain replacements. Yes, you will be asked a few questions.

If the G6 Sensor is used in connection with Tandem Control IQ, or Basal IQ, the published procedure is to contact Tandem for replacement.


Thank you for your response. I am aware of that route - I have done it many times - but it’s cumbersome and I feel like I am always calling them. Thought I could trade if someone had some they weren’t using. As I said, from time to time, I have offered up spare supplies. Hoping someone might do the same. Thanks for your suggestion.

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@cerrocc, Cindy our guru @Dennis is correct. Every time a sensor a sensor fails to last 10 days Dexcom does a quality control on the sensor lot number if you have it.

Because I call Dexcom like Dennis suggest, I keep the peel off paper with the lot number etc. from the blister pack with my insulin in my refrigerator. I keep the papers from my pump expendables there also. This way if something fails, I go to my insulin drawer, retrieve the lot number papers and call straight away for a replacement.

Do not feel bad calling for any failed prescription required product. It is not cumbersome. The process is following FDA regulations (they have the weight of USA Law) in documenting the failure.

Cindy, please share how this turns out for your and your son. It is how we all learn.

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Ditto to all of the above. I might add, if the adhesive wears off before the 10 days, a product such as Skin-Tac might help. Others have used it with their CGM and/or infusion set and if you do a search for the term users have shared comments about how to apply it so it doesn’t come in contact with the inserter (if it makes a difference). There are also tapes you can put on top to help hold it down, and Dexcom will send free ones if you call. I use a shield in combination with a fitted tape (check Amazon or eBay) to make sure mine stay in place - I’m wearing a colorful combination in the picture but they do come in neutral shades.
Even if it is a “sticky problem” you should call for a replacement. Don’t feel badly - it’s a medical device and they need to keep track of any type of failure, even with adhesive.

I know you have stated that the process is cumbersome, however, I have found that using the Dexcom online chat is easier for replacements. If you click on Chat Live with Dexcom Tech Support, you don’t need to go thru the phone process. Just have the lot number and transmitter number handy. My son rarely gets 10 days, especially during the hot, sweaty, swimming summer months. They have always sent replacements. That also gives the company the info that, although approved for 10 days, keeping a sensor on that long is a challenge.


Just to let you know if they do not last the full 10 days CALL Dexcom and let them know that they are not lasting the full 10 days. They should replace them. And if it is the adhesive that is not lasting Dexcom does offer and mail out 10packs of tapes to place over the sensor.

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Additional point that nobody mentioned… if you want to wait until multiple sensors fail so you can consolidate into one phone call, they MAY ask you how many days you lose,’sum up those days, and provide you a single sensor replacement if you sum is less than 10. So, I recommend you call separately for each failure.

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Good point! I had that happen once - there were 2 sensor failures in less than 10 days, and they only replaced 1. Now I just do each as they happen. And the chat feature has made it easier as well.

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