Extra glucometers

Hey everyone,

I've been reading recently here on juvenation, the struggle that some people have to go through to get their meters and test strips as well as trying to pay for them.  It's something i've never really thought about before -I'm Canadian and we have a good health care plan up here - but also, something i never knew happened. it seems so frustrating that on top of having diabetes you have to worry about getting the supplies.  

So anyway, after reading posts about this, I felt bad knowing that i have about a dozen glucometers lying around the house that i have never used or used maybe once.  I know there are some other diabetics in the same situation, so I was thinking maybe it would be a good idea to send them to someone else who could actually use them, instead of having them sit in a drawer. 

I'm not sure of the logistics of this idea, or even if it would work..but does anyone else have extra glucometers lying around? Or thoughts about this idea?? ...

i'm interested to hear what you guys think. :)

I have an extra meter or two, but I leave them in other places purposely...one is at my parents' house in case I get too drunk to drive home or in case of bad weather etc...I think I gave my other extra to my sister (also a T1) because she didn't have hers when she came down from college awhile back. But I like where your head is.

As far as test strips go, unless you get a prescription for 'em, you have to sell your first born in order to get enough to last you more than 2 weeks. I have a $40 copay for my test strips (600) but the cost prior to the copay (on the boxes) is outrageous...it's like $600! I definitely understand and empathize with people who can't afford to get what they need.

Sorry for the tangent at the end, but yeah I like the idea...can always go to my endo's office and say that I lost my meter...they're happy to give you free meters since the real $ is made on test strips. Maybe set up a paypal account so people can put $ in it to cover cost of shipping?

I also think it's a fabulous idea!  It's gotten ridiculous lately, the number of coupons I get in the mail for a free Accu-chek Compact Plus, with the purchase of 102 test strips.  My insurance covers the strips 100%, so I get as many as I need.  I've thought about getting strips for people who aren't covered, but that is illegal, to use my prescription and insurance for someone else...

Virginia, if you find out more information and set something up, I'M IN!  Pat's onto a good idea too with the Paypal to cover the cost of shipping...