Extra Insulin Help

Short and sweet:  I have about 10-15 bottles of Lantus that I proboly will not use now that I'am on the pump.  They will expire anywhere from 5 months to years from now.  I feel bad letting this all go to waste, does anyone know of any way I could get these to another diabetic in need?  Other ideas greatly appreciated.  Will open some room up in the fridge for MOM ^^

This happened to me when I went back on a pump after taking a break for a few months. I had WAY too much extra Lantus!! So, my mom asked my doctor about anything we could do with it and our doctor told us that the hospital has a program where they will take donations of spare, new diabetes supplies to give to people who cannot afford to buy it. So, I would ask you doctor to see if the hospital or office he works at has a program like that.

Sierra, how was your pump holiday? Is it worth it? When I first went on the pump my Diabetes-pump educator told me that its good to do that every once in awhile. I'd love to take a break for a bit, but whenever I go on a 2 day hiatus--like if my pump breaks and i need to go on a back up plan--going on lantus and the novalog pen makes me go high...is that just a few day phase?

I'm not crazy about taking the breaks, but I do it because my doctor tells me it's good to. At the beginning of the break, I am usually pretty high but usually by the 4th or 5th day, it levels out.

Did you notice any weight changes? I'm looking to lose a good amount of weight. I know that the pump is much better for control, but I feel like I had an easier time losing weight in the few years I was on the shots.

I did. I usually loose a few pounds depending on how long I take the break (sometimes I have lost 15 pounds sometimes I have 3). I think it is probably easier to loose weight on shots though. 

just make sure you save a vial or two for yourself- for emergencies like

  • pump malfunctions and you have to go on injections for a day or two
  • all day swimming trip where you want to be off a pump for 24 hours-like a tropical vacation!
  • The Big Earthquake if you live here in CA or any other natural disaster.

Good luck on the pump.


I am not sure. I can find out though.


Thank you everyone for the input, I appreciate it

     I know my doctor gives me extra humalog vials when I don't have money to get my $125 prescription filled when I'm running low on supplies.  I would give your doctor a call to see if they have a use for it.  I'm sure they know someone who needs it if you have no use for it right now.


I emailed people at the JDRF about it waiting to hear back. Will let you know as soon as I do.