Extra Supplies - Dexcom and Medtronic

I was upgraded from my Dexcom g5 to the g6 a few months ago and have an unused g5 sensor. I was wondering if anyone knew a way for me to donate it? Also, in the upgrading process, Dexcom accidentally sent me three extra receivers. Again, is there a way for me to donate them? I also have some Medtronic 530G reservoirs that are the wrong size for my pump. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to return them. I was hoping I could also donate these. Please let me know if you have any information!

I was interested in the extra G5 sensors please

I donated my Dexcom supplies and pump to a non-profit that refurbishes them and gives them to people who can’t afford them. Google “donate diabetes supplies” and you’ll get a list of options. Most just require that nothing be expired but otherwise they took an Animas pump and infusion kits plus a Dexcom 5 receivers and supplies. Hope that helps!

Yes thank you so much!

Can I please be considered for the g5 senors my insurance is giving me a really hard time and at this point I can’t pay out of pocket I can pay for shipping thank you

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I would be extremely interested in at least one sensor. We ran out and I have been purchasing them because I didn’t realize if they don’t last, they can be returned. My daughter needs one. Thank you for considering us.

Can check with nearest JDRF office, a Children’s Hospital or other local hospital with an Endo department, or network through this forum for someone in need.

Check out t1dchick on instagram or facebook, she has a friday donation page. Or insulin for all

I’m interested in one of the receivers if you still have them.

Fakebook has a page, Pay it forward diabetes supplies

Your Endo always know folks in need