Extremely Painful CGM?

I stopped using my CGM almost a year ago after I had attempted it several times and each time the insertion was extremely painful. (I was using the CGM that goes with the Medtronic pump...)

The very last time I tried using it, I inserted it (in the belly) and it was immediately unbearably painful. I decided to try to ignore the pain in hopes it would just go away. Later that day, I couldn't even turn my body or bend over, like it had stabbed my muscle, I guess? I went to the bathroom on my college campus, ripped it out and almost immediately the pain was gone.

Also, there was one instance at work when it kept alarming me that I was low (saying I was 50ish), I tested and I was 300-something.. Has anyone else's been that inaccurate?

Has anyone else had this problem? I wish I could wear the CGM since I would love to be able to actually see my blood sugars between testing.


Any tips??


It depends on how skinny a person is. I am very thin myself and find that the cgm insertions are very painful. I would think that the readings may be so far off because the sensor is so close to the muscle, if not in the muscle, that it isn't testing in the inerstitial fluid. I myself like to use the sensor just as much, therefore I actually insert the sensor in my upper butt just bellow the belt line. I works farely well. Sometimes I don't wear the sensor for a few days because of the lack of sites, but it still works wonderfully.

I'm pretty sure it was in the muscle, especially since I'm very thin as well. Do you sit on the sensor when you put it there? That almost seems like an annoying spot

If it was on the lower butt then you would be sitting on it, that's why I use the upper butt. You may feel it when you ly down, but not too much. If I'm am at home not doing anything I don't worry about wearing it, but when I am engaging in some sort of physical activity, then I make sure I have it on. Knowing what my sugar levels are are much more important to even think about the convience in my opinion.