Eye checks during



I have read that as a type 1 you should have your eyes checked every trimester for changes/hemorrhaging?  When I called my optometrist said to only come in if I notice my vision changing drastically??? Is that normal? 

At my most recent eye specialist appointment (found out I have stage 2 retinopathy) I asked if that would affect my pregnancy and he said I would need to come in each trimester, but I'm not sure if that's just because I already have issues.

Nikki, that is good to know.  What can they do for your stage 2? How do you catch it besides your regular appointments?

I'm still in limbo as to what my options are for treatment before/during/after pregnancy. I found out at a regular eye dr apt when he thought he saw questionable spots, took me a year to actually get myself into the specialist and when I did he said I for sure had the spots and it was classified as stage 2 but no surgery was necessary at this point. They say that retinopathy gets worst during pregnancy (in most cases). My thought is can I just go ahead and do surgery now so that I have a fighting chance during pregnancy? And say we can't do anything about it now, why can't I have lasic (sp?) surgery during pregnancy to prevent me from going blind (worst case scenario). It's a little stressful. My last OB appointment, she said that retinopathy is the first sign that there is blood vessel damage and that is a big red flag that could prevent pregnancy. I just did a urine test to check the protein levels to see how my kidneys are. That will be the detemining factor to us trying for a baby. : (

Speak with your OB & Endo and see if you have any reason to worry about your eyes prior to pregnancy. And KEEP YOUR A1C DOWN!!!!

Thanks Nikki....wonderful information and advice.

You are more than welcome Nicole!

I finally got my urine protein test results back and I am pleased to say that there are no issues with my kidneys! Yay! We are one step closer to making a baby! 8 ) I just now have to figure out the retinopathy part. Oh and getting my A1C's under a 7.0.

Good luck!

Nice work Nikki...you can do it :)