Eye problems

I  am on the insulin pump and i went to my eye docters to have my eyes cheacked and I had some problems seeing the charts in the room and i have problems seeing distents so i go back in the fall to get cheacked one more time. but i was worndering if any body has this problem when having a high A1C then going down like 14 to 8.8 in 4 mouths the docter thinks that is the probelm thats why i am going back in fall. to see if i need some glasses. so i need some in side from people if you have or had this problem.

Hey Casey ~  I agree with the Doc, because when your blood sugars go up and down alot, or when there is a big drop (like yours) it can cause blurry vision. 

As long as the Doc doesn't see anything else wrong inside your eyes... you will be fine.  Just always remember to see the eye doc at least once a year, twice if possible.

As soon as you have kept your A1C level for several months you should be back to normal.

*keep smiling* Kristi

yea thats what i have the blure vishon yea i go once a year well he said he saw little little little catracts in my eyes. but yea we will have to see in the fall whats going on.

hey casey! I had perfect vision for 20 years, and one day (6 years after diagnosis) I had blurry vision far away that didn't go away.  I would often have blurry vision from having high blood sugars but it would always go away.  Then one day it didn't. 

They are not sure if it is from diabetes, or of its from being older!

I hope yours keeps going away!

yea i hope so too thanks.

I also agree with your doctor.  Even after I had vitrectomies (surgeries for diabetic retinopathy), my doctors told me that it was indeed important to get my blood sugars under control (Duh!) but not to make drastic changes too quickly as it would potentially affect my eyesight.  Also, now, when I go to the optometrist, he will ask me if my BG is in check at theat particular moment (i.e. at my appointment).  If it is high, he is hesitant to make any changes to my prescription for glasses.
BTW, if those are your actual A1C numbers (14 down to 8.8), congratulations!

ok thanks yea those are my numbers.


my eye specialist says that the reason i don't always need my glasses(when i was in highschool i got glasses for a minor distance problem..never wore glasses but i do now) everyday is because your eyes change with your bloodsugar levels. it's important to keep them under control, but even a slight increase or decrease during the day can cause your eyes to change. i would suggest having your eye doctor check the veins in your eyes. my doctor has a camera that actually takes a picture of the back of your eye so he can look at my veins. despite not having the best control of my blood sugar levels, and already wearing glasses(my brother has the excat same prescription and my mom started off with that prescription but hers is now a bit higher but not much), my eyes are perfect and show no effect from having blood sugar levels that aren't under tight tight control. he actually said he was surprised and really happy about how good my veins looked considering how long i've been diabetic.

it's a good thing to look into if he/she hasn't already.

he dialts my eyes too look at them better.

its pretty much the same idea only better. because they can bring up pictures of other eyes that show different stages of problems of diabetics who have damage to their eyes due to blood sugar levels. and they can save them in your file and the next time pull up the past photo of the back of your eyes to see if there are any changes.


Hi there. I just read your post and have recently had some eye problems myself. However, it was due to my HIGH BLOOD SUGARS that I left unattended for about 6 months. Don't ever do this! Please! Take care of yourself because thats what we can do to prevent eye problems and any other problems that may occur with diabetes. Fortunately, for me, my eye problem is controllable as long as I keep tight control over my blood sugars. Sometimes its super hard with schedules and everything else. But, I don't care anymore, I am making the time to take care of myself from here on out :). Hope you can do the same. Take care.

well my numbers are doing good but my eye still is geting worres cant see clearly down to the brig down from my house.