Eye Strain?

My eyes have been feeling a little strained lately. Not all the time. Just sometimes I feel like I need to close them and relax them. Anyone else ever experience this? I went to the eye doctor about 5 months ago. This was before I was pregnant (I'm now 3 months). At the time though, he told me my eyes were fine. I didn't need glasses or anything. He mentioned 1 of my pupils was larger than the other and said he thought it was possibly from some nerve damage? I've never had any problems with my eyes until recently though. They just feel a little tired. Any thoughts? I guess it's time to visit the eye doc again. 3 months and I've already been to the doctor a million times it seems between my endo and my OB. LOL

When I was 9 months pregnant my retinas burst.  Go to a specialist and get checked ASAP (but don't panic or worry until you have a reason!) just do everything possible to prevent complications!  When I get pregnant again I will be seeing my retina specialist once a month just to be safe.  

I had retinopathy before pregnancy but it had been stable for the last few years. I am about 29 weeks now and last month when I went to the eye doctor, my left eye was swollen and the right eye had blood in it, so pregnancy is definitely a strain. I now have to see the ob three times a week and I will probably be hospitalized soon until the baby comes due to high blood pressure, I am on bed rest at home now. I was supposed to get laser surgery in a month, but it looks like I might have to hold off until the baby comes.