EZManager Program

I want to know how many of you have actually created a song for your alarm on your pump using the program from Animas?

wait- you can have a song as your alarm??? i have to switch pumps soon and i am looking at animus. What kind of songs?

I'm still waiting on my EZManager Program to get to me...they were out of stock when I called. I was like WTH how can you be out of stock??? But I'm going to try it once I get it!!!

I've played with it for a few mins..but I honestly haven't touched the program since a few weeks after I got the pump. Gotta remember to upload my pump info and meter info before my endo appt...


i told my friends about that part of it and they thought it was funny. they always tease me about it being an mp3 player and a pump.

I actually made a song! it is for my blood sugar reminder tone...I just made up something that sounded cool and added it to my pump =)

So about everyone in my family as well as my boyfriend are musicians and are crazy about playing with the program and want to make songs for my pump. It's pretty funny because I have the bg alarm every two hours after I eat so it goes off a lot.

Lol, the music program seemed like a great idea. But you need to type in the song, it's not like you can upload an MP3 and it is limited to 25 notes or something like that. I mean it could be great, but they would need to tweak it a little more. Not all of us have a musical family to make us alarms. :-(