I am on facebook and can be found by searching:


who else is on FB?

join the facebook group and you'll find lots of people :)


hey kristina,

you can add me below and become a fan of this facebook page to find others: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/I-hate-Diabetes-type-1/207337997997?ref=ts

and you can join the facebook section on this site :)

We have a facebook group: http://juvenation.org/groups/facebook/default.aspx


I'm on facebook. Myra Mains (it's a pun...say it out loud). I also have a support group on there that I just started. It's very, very sarcastic. It's called "Diabetic Horror Stories." It invites people to dump their horror stories and refer all "diabetics" that they meet to the page...instead of telling the story again and again.

Anyway, the more the merrier. The group also asks T1 people and T1 family members/friends who are supportive and aware to dump the horror stories down there as well...