Fainting due to sugar

Has too little or too much sugar intake caused anyone to faint?

Yes, when I was diagnosed, I went to 900 and almost died, the event made me have to relearn how to walk. I've passed out a few times after that. I passed out, I didnt faint, only whimps and girls faint.

When my BG is REALLY low, I feel like I'm about to faint (I'm a woman, does that count as a "girl", Mr. Weiner? LOL)  However, I'm often alone when that happens so I talk myself into staying lucid enough to take in some sugar - usually O.J. .  It does scare me at times.

I've never quite gotten to the point of fainting, but as Nads said when my BG is really low, I've certainly felt like it was coming.  Kudos to her for coping with having to deal with it alone, as times when this has happened alone really scare me.  I can recall a couple of times waking up in the middle of the night alone and struggling to be aware enough to get to my refridgerator or something to find some carbs quickly.  As for that, I generally like to surround myself with people who know my condition and are there to help me if I absolutely needed.