Falling Apart?

Has anyone ever had that feeling where it's like, 'today's the day i'm going to break?' Like the feeling sticks with you from morning to night whether you take your medicine or not. I hate these days because I feel like i'm going to cry all day. I've noticed mine normally are caused by bad mornings or bad thoughts in the morning. Anyone else notice any triggers? What do you do to try and feel better?

Definitely.  That's part of depression.  

One of the best things about getting older is that you realize feelings are just feelings and they are always changing.  It helps give you prespective when you're in a tough spot.  

Your body may be telling you to over sleep and just sit around, but if you do the opposite you will feel better.  Take at least a 15 minute walk every day.  

Take care.


I am going through a phase when I wanna die I failed my 12 th boards as I was going through a glucose level of 400 across the month now I am fedup and cant see my parents getting worried for me I wanna just go away
I play flute and represent my region have won 60 medals and now I am not even willing to touch my instrument
I don’t knw what to do