Falling blood sugar before meals

Hi i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stall meals.

I dont know if its just me and my routine. im pretty strict about eating at the same time each day for the most part. it seems like when my body wants to eat, it wants to eat! i at breakfast around 8 - 9 AM,  so  around 11 to 11:30  my blood sugar starts to fall pretty rapidly because im getting hungry for lunch. same thing happens almost like clockwork around 5 pm. starts to fall really fast if i dont have dinner. its kind of annoying because it seems that i cant stall my meals and eat later.

does this happen to anyone else, and how do you stall eating meals later when you want too?

Hi Meredith,

Are you on an insulin pump, or MDI?  It sounds like your long-acting insulin, or basal rate if you're pumping, might need another look.


MDI, i just started 2 weeks ago. im on 7 units of lantus, and 4 metformin tablets (which are used to treat type 2) each day. i dont do basal insulin quite yet, my honeymoon period is still going.

im going to see the endo tomorow actually so maybe they can give me some insight as to what to do about it. its quite annoying.