Family dinner fun

Something really strange and new happened the other night to my husband when he was checking his bs, and he is wondering if this is a normal thing...

We were on a family vacation with his parents, who are fairly used to the routine (he was diagnosed in October 2010), and his sister and brother-in-law, who are less "adjusted" but are very supportive and are learning (the first time he gave himself insulin in front of them, I heard "um, do you have to do that at the table?" but they've come a long way).  We went out for Italian, and as usual, he pulled out his meter to test before the meal.  When he pricked his finger, however, the blood didn't form a nice neat droplet on his fingertip, instead it squirted out and hit him on the cheek!  He kind of yelped, and then started laughing, and I helped him wipe off his face, and I laughed, too, but the family was freaked oooooouut.  Second try, same thing happened, except of course this time the blood flies in the direction of his brother-in-law, sitting across the table.  Just misses him, pretty sure it missed his food but not 100%. 

We laughed because it caught us off guard, and also I guess to try and make the fam more comfortable, but it was also really strange.  That's never happened before.  Is that normal??  Has anyone else had this happen?


It has happened to me once or twice. Not sure what causes it, but it's always awkward in public.

Yeah, it happens every once in a while.  Since it was twice in a row he might try changing the lancet.

Thank you both!  Hasn't happened since then, but good to know it's a normal thing.

That has happened to me before, but it never squirted that far!  Sometimes when you check close to an old checking site, it rebleeds....then mine sometimes squirt!  Only a diabetic and family members can think this one is funny!!!!!!!!  Nondiabetics just don't "get" it!!!!  

It happened to me once when I was at work, it shot all the way across the room! Try changing the lancet or adjust the "poking depth" so you don't have to squeeze the finger so hard! I thought it was funny, but others didn't think so either... =)

Happened to me a couple of times too, luckily just at home, so easier to clean up. What can you do but laugh?

The longer he has D, his fingers will become more calloused, and he'll end up changing the depth on the pricker.