Family Summer Camps

Hi there,

We are looking for family diabetes summer camps (or any other community driven activity) we can attend to this summer. We are open to traveling as long as summer camp is highly recommended
My daughter is 6 years old and she could use some friends and not be the only T1D around. She does not want to stay over by herself so we are looking for a camp we can all take as a family.

Thanks for your help!

Florida Diabetes Camp (which we love, and highly recommend) is staying virtual this summer. It’s not ideal, of course (my daughter is seriously bummed — it’s her favorite camp, and she hopes to keep going as a counselor when she ages out), but I’m sure they’d love to have you:

In the Fall, there’s usually a weekend overnight camp for the whole family, and in the Spring, they do bring-a-friend. Summer is typically a week away just for the child with T1D, but since it’s virtual this year, you can all be there.

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Thank you!! This is really useful. We’ve looked into the Florida one and are so bummed that is not in person. We are in south florida so that would be ideal but great to know there is a fall option in case nothing else comes through.

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Someone on the forum suggested a FB group called Project Blue November - if you’re on Facebook you might follow them.
They posted about a conference in Florida that might be of interest to you.

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Thanks for posting, Dorie — I had totally forgotten about this one! And it will be in person, which I know you wanted. We’ve not been (the dates just haven’t ever worked for us), but it gets rave reviews from those who have gone.