Family Support

I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place but I was wondering: What are some typical needs that families have when a child has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? What kind of challenges are they facing? What are some ways that they can be supported and encouraged?

There's so much to learn when diabetes is diagnosed.  And parents also face the sadness of knowing their child will need to take shots and that they will live with a serious medical issue.  

Think what would be the most helpful is to learn about current diabetes treatment.  There's a good book by Riva Greenberg called "50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life; And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It" that has current info.  The Pink Panther Diabetes Book published by the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes also gives a good overview.

It helped my single mom a lot that my aunt and uncle were willing to babysit me and give me shots when I was little.  They weren't afraid to help me with my diabetes.  

Is this a family you know ?  Be there if they need you,give them time to adjust.Their world changed on that day that they found out their child had type 1.Their hearts were broken,fear creeps in.Worry for the now in how with the flood of info coming are they to care for their child now,if they can do it right.Nights of sleeplessness wondering is my child alright.Pricking fingers ,holding meters.Down on your kness prayers day in and out.That God will keep your child safe .Tears of sadness that your baby,your child has gotten diabetes and that somehow someway you failed,you made this happen.The guilt is overwhelming..Feeling the sting of remarks made by sometimes well meaning people that are so hurtful,and only add to your sadness...Life changes on that day your child gets diabetes.It is never the same..your eyes and heart are always alertful of their life and how d effects it...These were my thoughts and feelings during that time that my 12 yr old daughter got type 1 and in the ER with the swirl of doctors and family and the words diabetes,she said mom,I don't want to have diabetes and ther was nothing I could do but pray...I credit God for pulling me from depression that came about over this..I credit Juvenation for being there and healing my sadness.Don't be alone in diabetes,it does not work.Share with others who understand it...sorry to go on ...Today my daughter is 20  and in college and makes me sooo proud :) God Bless all the parents and their children with type1...

Friends dropped out of sight when our kid was diagnosed. Maybe it is just a coincidence. I would say try to be there for them. Diabetes sucks.