I am diabetic, my twin sister isn't.

She told my mom that she is jealous of my disease because she thinks it gets me more attention. It has kind of caused a problem with our relationship.

I don't like that I get more attention. I know she's right, but I was always the shy introverted one and I feel like I am constantly being watched by my parents. I know it is just because they care, but it can be stifling.

I don't know where I stand with my family anymore. I long to be taken out from under the microscope when it comes to my parents, especially my mom. I wish my sister would stop resenting me. Plus, my older brother is constantly telling me what to eat, what to do, even though he really knows nothing about my disease.

I was diagnosed on January 22, 2003 (also happened to be my dad's 50th birthday, go figure).

After six years, I feel like things shouldn't be like that.

I don't know. Any teenagers feel similar?

Maybe I'm just overreacting to them.

Alright, Lizzy. If I were you, I would try to talk to your sister about it. Tell her that you don't mean to get the attention, and because you know it bothers her you will make a concious effort to get it to back off a bit. Then just start mentioning little things in conversations, includnig her: "Guess what she did today?" "Look at this __ its incredible!"  Even with diabetes: "Hey, sis, want to prick your finger?" And spend more time with her. She probably just feels left out, which is understandable. But I think a lot of this issue can be solved with understanding on both your parts.

As far as your brother goes, diabetes is a language he just dosn't speak. So teach him. Maybe sit down with him sometime and show him the ropes. Get him involved, invite him to try diabetes for a day. Or since he's a guy, show him the technical parts of it. Maybe give him an old meter to check out. Next time he gets bossy, show him the nutrition lable. Tell him 'actually, if you look at this.... that means...' I'm sure he loves you, and he will be interested to hear it.

This also may be something worth mentioning to your parents. I mean, tell them, "I appreciate you guys caring so much, but this is feeling a little overbearing. If we could talk about this later/work something else out/please let me try this real fast, I would really appreciate it."

I hope this helps, and for the record I don't think you're overreacting, really :D