Famous Celebrity T1 Diabetics?

I'm a recently diagnosed T1 and looking for famous T1 celebrities for inspiration and motivation? Also, feel free to post any empowering quotes/tips/advice :) God bless <3

I've never cared about celebrities with diabetes (Brett Michaels, Mary Tyler Moore). Why? Why should I? They live a different life than I do anyway and don't have many of the same issues. Here's something for you. Your T1 will not stop you from doing anything. It's never stopped me from following my dreams and the same will be true for you. Sometimes it's more work, but you will always be able to find a way around an obstacle.

Nick Jonas, Brett Michaels, Jay Cutler, Mary Tyler Moore, Elliott Yamin,


the link is from Dlife.com there are more celebrities list there

Bobby Clarke was the Captain of the Philadelphia Flyers and they won the Stanley Cup two years when he was on the team.  He was my inspiration when I was diagnosed with Type1 -  39 years ago.  May father took me to one of their practices and Bobby was happy to have his picture taken with me.  He gave me a note that I still have that reads "Diabetes won't stop you unless you let it."  

Live a long healthy life my friend!