I've been trying to loose weight for over a year, and I've been gaining way more than loosing. I eat way less junk food, drink less ppop, and exercise a ton more, but no matter what I gain. I'm super active. Last volleyball season we had intense two hours five nights a week and I was the only girl who gained weight. In January I got a pump and for awhile I lost about ten pounds but I've gained it all back plus more. I ride horses, show goats and a steer in the summer and I should loose even more weight from that but I don't. What is there I can do? I hate that I can't fit into any of my clothes and my show clothes (over $200 worth) don't fit at all anymore and I have to buy more everyday clothes too. I'm really getting tired of it. Does anyone have any advise?

ok i have the total opposite but same problem u do. First of all its probably ur metabolism u can get on a supplement for that but u still gota have a balanced diet and stay committed to ur exercise regiment. Running helps big time and if u really wana loose weight dont eat before u workout. Also be patient it will take a couple of weeks before u will really notice the difference.      

I gained 25 pounds from 2007-2008 while overeating in graduate school.  I lost it all gradually by reducing myself to 1000 calories a day while doing a lot of incline walking on a treadmill, and I haven't gained any of it back since getting back down to my previous weight in April 2009.

About my incline walking and why it was fairly effective: what many don't know is a person can burn only about 100 calories by running a full mile on a flat surface, but can burn 3x that many simply by walking at a high percentage incline.  The reason for that is because the incline provides resistance, and resistance promotes calorie burn more than cardio.

However, keep in mind that a pound is 3,500 calories, so it's important to realize that exercise is only an adjunct in weight loss - it's not as efficient a calorie burner as most people think it is; changes to diet are the most important.  For me, calorie focus was the most efficient (I didn't lose when I just focused on either fat or carbs early in 2008).

I am a big believer in working out and changing diet.  Not any fad diet, but lifestyle changing diet.  Anyway, my religion in working out is Crossfit. Put forth the effort and it is very effective. Start out at www.crossfit.com.



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I've been trying to loose weight for over a year, ... I'm really getting tired of it. Does anyone have any advise?


Hi Janna,

Exercise can get frustrating for us, especially if you are active and find yourself having to eat a lot of carbs to avoid hypos.  before pumping  -if I was active I would easily put back all of the calories burned with a gatorade, or juice, or glucose tabs, etc.   keeping your blood sugar from dropping without eating, and while exercising is a fine art - and it's a bigger challenge for me than keeping my blood sugar flat while sitting in front of a tv.   

so my question is: how is your daily control and a1c? are you eating while exercising to avoid hypos?  if you are, you can learn to take advantage of the pump's variable basal rates which can allow you to work out without dropping your blood sugar.

if you are one of the "lucky ones" [thats sarcasm] that your blood suagr rises when you work out, then there may be different ways to train that minimize the increase in blood sugar.

final thought:  if you have had T1 for a while, please get tested for thyroid.  you can get it with regular blood panels.  they typically test for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), the higher the TSH, the lower the amount of thyroid your body is making.  Thyroid cell destruction is the same kind of thing that killed our pancreas (beta) cells, and it's common for us to have thyroid problems.

good luck.

As Joe mentioned, lows are a diabetics enemy when trying to lose weight. They force us to consume more calories. An important aspect of weight loss, is controlling the low blood sugars.

However, as also mentioned, diet is just as important as exercise. There are no magic foods that will melt fat away, but there are simple things you can do.

Most importantly, make sure you are eating enough. 1000 calories is the minimum the body needs to perform it's functions. Typically, 1200 is the lowest recommended, with 1500 being an adequate goal to properly feed your body (this will obviously vary based on your height/frame size/activity level/etc). If you are exercising, it's also important to make sure you are getting enough carbs for energy and protein for muscle rebuilding. Fat free diets do not equal fat free people. Fat has a very important role in our body's functions, so don't it out of your diet.

Fruits and veggies are low in calories and very nutrient dense, meaning you get more bang for your buck when it comes to eating them. They are a cheap, easy way to fill up between meals and during meals. They have fiber in them which also helps keep your tummy fuller for longer. If you aren't a big fan of fruits and/or veggies, look up various recipes using them where you might be able to season them to mask the flavor a little bit, or try eating them with a dip.

Healthy fats include foods like fish, nuts, olive oil, flaxseed, avocados, etc. Healthy fats are good for your brain and heart, and again a necessary component of your everyday diet. (If you read labels, foods advertising "EPA" or "DHA" are healthy fats, as well as foods containing "plant sterols" or "plant stanols".)

For most people it's not really WHAT you eat, it's HOW MUCH of it you eat. There are NO foods that are off limits. I will never tell you to stop eating that food and never eat it again. I will tell you to eat less of it. Food and meal times should be enjoyable, so you should eat foods you enjoy eating. Cut back on the portion sizes you consume - this really is key to weight loss.

Also, if you think it will help you, keep a food diary. So many people are unaware of what they are actually consuming throughout the day. A nibble here, a little sneak there - all those calories add up. Websites like www.sparkpeople.com or www.fitday.com are successful in helping people calculate how much energy they are consuming every day. It's an easy way to keep track of what you are eating.

Our bodies also get used to exercise, meaning if we do the same exercise routine every day our body burns less calories. When it comes to exercise, we want our bodies to be inefficient because it burns more energy. Mixing up your exercise routine, switching between running and walking, biking, wii fit, swimming, weight lifting, whatever you do will help keep your body guessing. Don't get stuck in an exercise rut because it will cause a plateau in weight loss.

Lastly, if you have more questions, please feel free to send me a message. I can do some quick calculations and tell you how many calories you need to eat for weight loss (if you are willing to divulge some personal information). We can keep it simple too :o) Weight loss doesn't have to be difficult or frustrating. But it does require a truly honest look and analysis at your lifestyle, exercise habits, and eating habits.

Excellent post, C.  Very thorough and well-researched.