Favorite blood glucose monitor?

I have 8 (count 'em!) 8 meters all over my house. The one I use most often (and my fave) is Accu-chek Aviva. I wana know what is your favorite blood glucose monitor? It will be interesting to see what everyone uses...

I use one touch stuff but i use the ACCU chek cases! 

I too have a cupboard full of meters.  I use the one touch because 1. it works with the cgm and pump and 2.  I get them free on prescription from my insurance company.  I think my number two reason is probably the primary reason I use them.  Free is good!

I just have one meter. It's a one touch Ping to go with my pump. I rather enjoy it. I like to push buttons. 

i have 1 meter too!! contour! :)

OneTouch UltraSmart. without it..I wouldn't have a "log" of bgs..cuz I was never good at carrying the booklet around and actually using it. Plus, I like being able to plug in that I'm sick or stressed, etc etc.

I've used a number of other meters but I like this one the most. I have two, one on me and one at my mom's house in case mine breaks or it gets stolen again (car got broken into last Feb and they took my bag outta the trunk, which had my diabetic kits in it...)

I have 3 one touches 1 accu-chek 1 that can do blood testing for ketones and another 1 i don't know what it is

one touches are great, but strips are really expensive

I started off using One Touch but they're made by a company that does animal testing. So I've switched to the Bayer Contour and I love it! It has great features and you can get cute stickers ("skins") to put on them to make them fun.

I like the Free Style Light because it takes the least amount of blood while still being accurate. I used to like the Accu-Chek Aviva but I kept wasting test strips because of how much blood it needed.

I have 5 one touches and 3 contour. Just got the usb contour. Yeah I still use my ping but the contour strips are cheaper with my insurance. So I just manually plug in for my pump

KIMI!! How have you been, girl? It's been awhile :D

You know, without animal testing, there would not have been insulin.  Get over it!  I know animals do give the ultimate sacrifice, but come on, let's not be ridiculous here.  A cure is being sought using animal testing.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  I use One Touch without qualm, I use that only because I get them free versus bib bucks for the others and the One Touch device communicates with my Insulin pump

I don't even know how many I have around my house. I think we finally got rid of some of the really ancient ones that needed a huge drop of blood. . . I think they were BD? I really liked the freestyle one, but insurance requires less of a copay on one touch, so now I'm using the one touch ultra link with my medtronic pump. Hopefully the one touch ping will be coming soon with a new animas pump=)

One touch cause it works with my pump

haha C I have been pretty good!!!  I know its been a long time. I juat had to take a break for awhile but im back and guess what using my pump again!!!! Yay me!!!

One Touch for the reasons of;

Insurance Covers it

Works with my pump

Connects to Carelink

Big display

Have used many others, and still have a bunch of back-ups just in case. Really liked the Freestyle, but insurance forced me over to One Touch

Congrats to Kimi on returning to her pump!!

Yes I too have a bayer contour usb and love it I love I print the test off from my computer

One Touch, Ping Meter Remote.  But I have several One Touch meters.  I keep one at work and one in the car because you never know when you may forget or lose a meter and other supplies.  I have at least a couple in a closet too that either are old or I tried and didn't especially like.  I also have one I bought on a trip when I forgot my supplies on a bus!  I hated that expensive pharmacy detour but luckily the tour guide found my supplies the next morning - and I had back ups of everything but my meter.  I only use one brand of meter so I can use the same strips with all.