Favorite diabetic instant?

Whats everyones favorite diabetis moment?

Mine is when this guy at school brought a 1 liter jug of chocolat milk to school and everyone was going crazy over the amount of sugar in it. Then someone decided thayt they should figure out how much insulin I would need to drink the whole thing. They figured20 or30 units. It was funnier than it sounds. Soon it will change when I finnally get a pump!

lol, mine was when i was running in gym, i fell and my pump went flyning into the air and my tube broke. I know tht doesnt sound very good, but i got to miss school the rest of the day. Lol.

My favorite memory with diabetes is when someone new came to my church, and they saw my pump and asked me if it was a beeper, and before I could tell her what it was my friends were like "naw that's her insulin pump."
I just thought that was cool how my friends were so supportive.
I love them, they don't judge me because of my diabetes, and they often forget I have it.
But when I need something, they're there for me.

my favorite memory was when i used to be in girl scouts when i was first diagnosed and we were making s'mores and my mom told be to test and bolus for it and one of the girls tried to tell my mom that i wasnt allowed to eat it. haha

When i was in the 6th grade my 2 best friends could tell when i wasn't feeling good from my BG being to high or to low. All 3 of us sat on opposite sides of the room and my guy friend made up a joke of when my BG was high then i would be "high" on drugs because of the insulin, so as a signal to kno if my BG was high or not my friends would look at me and push on the side of their nostril to close it up and pretend to take in a deep breath so as to indicate i was snorting drugs to get high (though really high on insulin and sugar). then i would nod yes or no.

Mine is when i was involed in Washington County Childrens Actors Theater and I went to lik 400 back stgae during intermision. My friends freaked out and told the woman who was in charge looking after us little kids :( and she had no idea what diabetes was. She freaked out and took be by the arm and practically ran me through the audience i felt like the entire audience was staring at me! Then in the refreshment room she made me drink an entire bottle of water. Then she rushed me backstage again after the play had already started again and this time everyone really was staring at me. After that she went back and got another bottle of water for me to drink before i went on stage. Of course after all that water I had to tinkle the entire rest of the play.

At diabetes camp wen we would say "I'm high and my BD is too" or "I have to eat I'm a diabetic"

when i was playing softball and my coach said to test and i did and it was 350 and she yelled at me because i ate a jolly rancher and she could see the red on my toung. she said if i ever end up in the hospital shed drag me back to the field and make me run around the bases till i passed out. lol it was funnie =D