Favorite Gluten Free Brands

Hi Everyone, I've had Celiac's for about six month and am still finding what the best brands for gluten free brands are.  I like Udi's  and Kinnikinnick's bread.  The grocery stores around where I live have been getting more gluten free options but I was wondering if anyone had any favorites.  I'm always a little nervous to order new food  online without trying it first because it's so expensive and would be a waste if it wasn't worth it.   Thanks :)

I've tried so many brands and Udi's is by far the best tasting! You should also try gluten-free honey nut chex and cinnamon chex, and fruity pebbles treats!

We get a lot of stuff from Sammy Bakery! They are really good! Udi's is next best.

hi my name is cassidy and im getting scoped tomorrow (Jul. 25,2011) and my mom and i havent found a gluten free bread, what store did you find this Kinnikinnicks bread????

I've found it at Hannaford's and online, Hannaford's also has donughts from them too.  If you order it online there is a flat shipping rate for the whole order which is good. I like the Cheese Tapicoa bread it's my favorite one from them.

I'm lovin' gluten free Bisquick.  I especially love their Ultimate Chicken Strips recipe on the side of the box.  De-lish.  You can also make a coffee cake with it that's AMAZEBALLS. Also, I order a lot of gf foods from amazon.com b/c it can be much cheaper and you can get free shipping a lot.  I just recently bought Bisquick in bulk from there; I think it was 4 or 6 boxes.  

Just celebrated my 1 yr anniv for celiac disease and enjoying trying different foods!


If you love pizza, buy Schar's Pizza Crust. By far the best brand, and very delicious! Pretty sure its around $9.00

Ian's french toast sticks are also delicious, Glutino's doughnuts in the freezer section, and UDI's whole grain bread is delicious toasted.

just discovered Rudies!! They're pretty good!

I absolutely love Schar gluten free breads. I have found with other gf breads that they are extremely dense and I have to have 2 glasses of water just to get the bread down. Schar makes ciabatta rolls, french bread, sub rolls--all the stuff you can never find!  www.schar.com/.../gluten-free-products

When the local store I get them at is out, I do go for Udi's or Rudi's, which are both good gluten free breads, too!

I love Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix as a substitute for baking cookies, cakes, scones, pretty much anything! I also love Glutino brand items especially the pretzels, pizzas, and oreo-type cookies.

There is a gluten free bakery in Illinois called Sweet Ali's (they are online too.) Gluten free bread, buns, pizza dough, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, donuts, you name it- they have it! Everything is good there!

I :) chex

I have found for crackers, Glutino seems to have the best.  Shar also makes a good cheese cracker. Best bread,Udi's.   Pamela's makes a good cookie. Amy's makes a good frozen microwavable mac and cheese and Annie's makes a good boxed mac and cheese. Kinnikinik (not sure on the spelling) makes a good frozen toaster waffle and their donuts and graham crackers are good also. Best gluten free flour,  its a brand called Meister's Gluten Free Mixutres.  It is a guy out if Illinois( I believe) that makes it.  he uses a mixture of different gluten free flours to get a good consistency.  Great thing about it is, that you can use it like regular flour in regular recipes, all you have to do is use 1 1/2 times the baking powder called for in a recipe.  His website is www.meistersgf.com

Schar's has become my favorite, followed by Udis. Having Celiacs, T1D and food allergies has also taught me how to put together a lot of different recipes. I have started blogging about them recently at www.beyondavoidance.wordpress.com if anyone is interested!