Favorite Halloween Costume

So I would really like to make my girls their Halloween costumes this year.....What is everyone else being for Halloween....either trick or treaters or party goers?  Anyone have any good ideas for easy, homemade costumes???  Can't wait to hear!

my easiest and cheapest costume was when i went as an angel. i happened to have all the components of the outfit already except for the wings and halo, which totaled less than $10 for both. i wore a white shirt, white skirt, and white go-go boots (leftover from my hippie costume). for the halo i used gold twine you put on christmas trees that has little stars on it. i found it in a wal-mart store that already had christmas decorations up. i think it was around $3.

although, my favorite costume was when i dressed up as a hippie. we have a store here called "atomic garage" which is kind of like a thrift-store for vintage clothing. it's so much fun to wander around in there! this costume wasn't homemade and it was more expensive, but i had a lot of fun picking out the costume and then googling photos of hair and make-up from the 60s & 70s. i like to play with my hair and make-up, so it was a blast for me :D

I have curly hair sort of like taylor swift's do i went out and bought a dress and boots to get that casual taylor look. We had a guitar here and I made a sign that said "Kanye's a jerk" because it was around the VMA's Everyone raved about my costume and loved it!

my fav costume was probs my "world's greatest mom" outfit. because i was in school full-time 5 days a week, working one job 5-6days a week and another job about 3-4 days a week..i had little time leading up to halloween. with two days until the date, i went to the local Value Village..got some slippers, a house coat, flannel pj's and some plastic curlers. I took a mug i had, taped a piece of paper that said "world's greatest mom" on it and had my outfit. it probs cost me around $10-15 to get together.

I based it loosely off my mom driving me to school in her pj's and fleece jacket, because she worked at home so would be up late on the computer and sleep in til we needed our ride to school. haha. i went to the bar and everyone loved that costume. i got a lot of "my mom used to drive me to school like that too!" and a lot of laughs cuz i was double-fisting drinks all night.


the best pictures I could find of that costume. It was...3years ago?

So, my one daughter would like to be "Nanny McPhee".....shouldn't be too difficult.....and my other daughter is changing her mind on a daily basis....the latest is something with pointy teeth....hhhmmmm....wonder what she'll want to be tomorrow???  Still hoping to hear more ideas!!!  :D

My favorite costume ever was when I was a vampirate last year :)

That's a great costume!! Me and my friends went as our school mascot gangsters!!

My favorite was when I was a cat ( not myself, the animal XD). I wore a orange one peice with black stripes, some kitty ears, a mask, a tail, and make up. It wasn't homemade, but it was alot of fun!

A good homemade costume was about two years ago when I was a rocker. I just got a studded choker, studded belt, black rinestone tee shirt, and then I sprayed my hair with black and red colored hair dye.

It wasn't as imperemenate as it claimed to be.

I walked around with black and red hair for days.

a gangster

I was a Kiyoshi worrior from Avatar: The Last Airbender! (The TV show, mind you...not the movie ><)


One year I got invited to a Halloween party, but didn't have the time or money to go looking for a costume.  I found a container of star shaped barrettes that I had had forever.  I put those all over my hair, wore all black and told everyone that I was a black hole.  haha....silly, I know, but I got a lot of points for creativity that year!