Favorite meter?

What is your favorite meter??

Mine is the Ultra Mini by OneTouch in Purple!!!!!

Mine is also the Ultra Mini but mines in Pink (my most fav color!). I love how small it is!!!

Mine is the Freestyle Flash, I actually prefer the lite but those strips don't work with my pump's controller and that is a bit of a scale tipper.  These are the only two meter's I have found that have a lite on the test strip port.  They all come with back-lights.  Like I may need help reading the screen but lining up a small drop of blood to a little test strip will be no problem without any light on the strip? really?!?!?!?   I guess it's just me...



Mines between The Freestyle Lite, and the Contour(In Green of course!)

I love One Touch! :)

Its the meter I was givin at dx and I have bounced around from meter to meter and always come back to the One Touch.  I have the pink One Touch mini, but I don't like it very much because of the lack of buttons, that said I was given the One Touch Ultra crazy everydarnbutton meter awhile back and HATED that.  It had wayyy too much crap on it!

I use the One Touch UltraLink right now and having it link with my  pump is amazing.

I also will only use AccuCheck Softclix lancets.  My fingers are VERY sensitive, even after 7.5 years I still only have it set on .5 depth.  :)

You change lancets?!?!?!?!?!?   :-O

I love my One Touch Ultra-link!

I used to be a OneTouch guy through and through (All the way from the 45 second profile to the 5 second Ultra Mini), but I got the Freestyle Lite at the camp I work at this summer and have been using it ever since because:

1. It doesn't start counting down until it has enough blood.  This DROVE ME NUTS about the OneTouch meters.  MOTHER-EFFING "Error 5" haha.

2. The light on the test strip area is a godsend when you're testing in the dark.

J was using the BD Meter that came with his pump, but we found out it is so innacurate they stopped producing them! So now he's using the One-Touch Ultra Link because it also talks to his pump. He doesn't like it. It requires way more blood then the BD one did. But at least it is more accurate!

I love my One Touch UltraSmart because I can put my carbs and insulin in it for all my meals. Easier to keep track of.

After diagnosis I was writing everything on paper and it was soo frustrating cuz i had all these papers around waiting for me to log them and now I just have them in my meter and I can log what I need to before my appointments

Out of the meters I have tried, I prefer the Aviva. I trust its readings the most, and I like the size of the test strips(easy to grab when in a rush). I now use the PDM for my Omnipod though, which takes regular Freestyle strips.


Our Beemer loves his OneTouch mini (green) and it's what he uses at school.

His parents, however, prefer the OneTouch ultra because it's how we keep track of all the carbs/insulin.  

We have swung a couple of deals at the conventions and information fairs and what not to get a couple of the Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing devices.  We love these because of the convenience of six lancets in the barrel and the self-contained "sharps container" that the lancets have.  He says that the Multiclix lancets are easier on his fingers, too.

We love when we get the new pharmacists and the look on their face when we ask for Accu-Chek lancets and OneTouch strips.  :o)

This is not so much about a favorite as it is about a freebie, but if anyone is looking for a spare meter, if you have a CVS card, CVS pharmacy right now has the NovaMax meter on sale for $9.99. The kit includes the meter, battery, case, 10 strips, the lancing device, and 10 lancets. And then when you check out, you'll get $9.99 in ExtraBucks, so it's basically free.

I picked one up to leave in my office, for when I occasionally forget to pack extra test strips or forget my meter entirely.

We have the Accu-Chek Aviva with the Multiclix lancets.  We have 4 meters, actually!  Her endo usually asks each appt if we need anything so I have one with me, she keeps one in her backpack, one in the bedroom and one in the living room.  A meter is always at hand!  I like that they are all the same brand so we don't have to worry about different kinds of strips, lancets, etc.

I will agree the Multiclix are really nice - only have to change it every 6 pokes and then you just toss it.

over the past 18 - 19 years i have switched from so many different testers i don't even remember the names. but i really like the one touch testers and i am now in love with my freestyle lite. even though i have a one touch ultra for my pump. i still use my freestyle because i can use the test strip light thing.

Wow, people change lancets?  The change to and from Daylight Savings Time is the only time I change lancets.

that's what I have too-- the accu-chek aviva! I love it because of how easy it is to use the lancet device. Just twist and turn instead of replacing the lancet each time!

Mine's the Ultra Mini by One Touch in Blue!

for the past 6 years or so i've used all OneTouches and my main meter at home is an UltraLink which is so awesome because all the numbers go straight to my pump! :D my other random meters are all Ultras and i have a pink Ultra mini in the nurse's office, but because it doesn't have much memory i don't use it very often.  the UltraLink is still my fav though, of the OneTouches i've tried.  i want to try the Multiclix lancet pricker - from what i've read on here it sounds great, especially cuz i don't change my lancets very much!!