Favorite music?

So I want to know what is everybody else listening to, favorite bands, and songs.

i'll listen to almost anything....but i won't listen to: opera, classical, pop(or anything like "punk-pop"..dudes..get over yourself..it's POP haha), rap(unless its underground hiphop) and most "emo".


my favs that i can think of atm are:

atmosphere, brother ali, city of colour, death cab for cutie, jack johnson, mother mother, the dudes, classified, daft punk, metric/emily haines solo stuff, james taylor, van morrison, eric clapton, tracy chapman, Jamirquai, Jimmy Eat World, KO(hes underground rap from Toronto), Mac Lethal, Lamb, Loveage, Silversun Pickups, NIN, Oasis, Tegan and Sara, The Sounds, Spoon, Tom Petty, The Tragically Hip, Tool.....to name a few..

old school rock, doobie bros., kenny logins, aerosmith, metallica, etc. my favorite song though is black water.

Led Zeppelin is number 1 but anything from the gold years of classic rock (1968-1974)

Coldplay, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Elliott Yamin, Hawk Nelson, FM Static, Lady Antebelum, David Cook, Brad Paisly, Michael Buble, Chelsea Lea, Paolo Nutini, Vanessa Carlton, Daniel Powter...just to name a few. (= I like stuff like this. I love acoustic. I love artists that don't try to sound the same as everyone else, and who have talent outside of the studio. I saw Coldplay in concert last month, and they're even more amazing live than on CD. (=

I like lots of music. I hate rap. 80s music is good when I'm in the mood, and 90s is great too.

Led Zepplin, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Def Lepard, Chicken Foot, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Michael Jackson, Temptations, Diana Ross and the Supremes, pretty much any music.

Pearl Jam, Phish, Zeppelin, Buckcherry, Metallica, too many to name. Gotta love the random on the iPod. AC DC was the last concert tickets bought. Nickleback is the next concert I have tickets for.  Motley Crue was the last concert I saw. Right now Papa Roach is playing.

On a real Green Day kick after seeing them in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.  Foo Fighters.  Liz Phair.

There are old school favorites that I will always love like Depeche Mode, Modern English, Billy Idol and a bunch of other Brit Pop and New Wave, did I mention Depeche Mode????  And who can argue with classics like Zepplin, Pink Floyd or The Beatles.  Michael Jackson was a genius, I Love Cindy Lauper, she was definitely my first Music crush so to speak; I kind of wanted to be her! I also love the crazy style of the 80's hair bands with their animal print spandex and hair sprayed hair sculptures.  I love some old school Hip hop like Run DMC and Salt n' Peppa, they were pioneers for women in that genre.


Lately I have been into The Handsome Furs, The Dodoz, The Pinkertones, Bonde' Do Role',  and Holy Fu*K.  I love learning about whatever is bleeding edge... especially in other countries.


If you like finding new bands, check mine out! A lot of people say we sound like the B52's, The Killers and The Talking Heads.  We are called Before Dawn. www.beforedawnband.com, www.myspace.com/thebandbeforedawn.  We have a facebook too, but I don't know what the link is...  We are doing a lot of touring soon and I really hope that it will give me the opportunity to meet some of you!  It is a great way for me to travel an make new friends, it would be really great to meet some of my fellow type 1's out there!

Oh I like  Ghostland Observatory too...

It seems that I have a much different taste in music than everyone else so far. I do like some oldies- Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Temptations, some other 70s and such. But I mostly listen to what I said earlier.

early 90's stuff is good. i miss that happy music like "you get what you give" new radicals!

bands like the beatles and such i think are assumed to be liked by everyone, that i dont even mention them(i do like them).

a lot of 80's is good too.

i love going to retro night at my fav bar in town. she plays everything from the 90's and back. it's awesome.


(i forgot to put pearl jam in there..im stupid haha)

I will listen to pretty much anything and give it a chance but I enjoy music that makes me move and I can get something out of.  My favorite genre would be anything metal or rock which is primarily what is found on my ipod.  I like music from the 60s through today.

Most anything metal...Opeth, In Flames, Ensiferum, Empyrium, Kataklysm to name a few.  Other than that I like classical/opera.

I like all types of music. I am just not really into high energy techno :)

almost all kinds of music! but favorites are taylor swift, 3OH!3, flo rida, green day, plain white ts, and superchick!!

"How could I forget"?  I also love The Faint!  I was on a Santigold kick for a while too.  

Some old faves also include Weezer, The Rentals, The Vandals, and Superchunk.

Here's what I Hate: "House Music" aka: the crappiest club music ever! I am also not into this modern sap-fest that is alt-country or country pop or what ever it is.   I can handle some legit Blue Grass, but the overly sentimental modern stuff, no thank you.


Speaking of sentimental does anyone have a favorite musical?

Jesus Christ Superstar rocks my world as does Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Am I geeking out too much for you? 

i grew up listening to whatever my brother had. lots of metallica, early green day, early buckcherry, weezer, soundgarden, alice in chains, etc. he also got me into the drive-by truckers.

i still listen to stuff like that. i like metal too... opeth is a favorite of mine. all that remains, megadeth, between the buried and me, becoming the archetype, the syncope threshold, blah blah blah.

lately though, i've been listening to a lot of folk/alt-country/indie/pop stuff. the everybodyfields, those dancing days, the avett brothers, fleet foxes, ryan adams, the cribs, first aid kit, sky larkin, and centro-matic to name a few. i'm only 21... but i find that the older i get, the more diverse my musical taste becomes. i'll listen to anything.

i'll listen to anything. no exclusions. i'm always expanding my collection and i'm willing to give anything a try at least once. i even download the free spanish songs off itunes ... don't speak the language but sometimes it's a gem :o)

lately i've been going to this channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/wichitarecordings


lots of good pop... at least i think so, haha.