Favorite Non D Poems of Mine 99-09

On My Way To Nowhere

At the bus stop, watching an Am track
Go by in a daze
I swish through wet yellow leaves
Such beauty, so simple
But it brings a smile to my face
I am the epitome of lost child
I am Bambi revealed
Are you my mother?
No answer
Well then,
Are you my mother?
The silence breaks me
Yet all I want is to be alone
Broken and alone
What a pair that makes me
My mind is rarely sober
Sober being clear thinking
Except when lying naked in your arms
Naked being bare
Bare being without shelter
Shelter being my front
And don’t we all have one of those
Am track has passed
Good-bye to this moment
Redemption comes through such simple things.



Simulated sympathy
More than half asleep
In the empty aura
That surrounds everyone you know

Beyond the mind lies
Who we really are

In this circus
Where my sidewalk bends
I'd set my pace
To be your rythm
Of life

If i believed more than i already do
I would be the notion itself.



Fast forward and watch him at your funeral
Float around on this atmospheric trip
Veto that
You are not one to sell out
Not when it comes to skills
Instead of floating you hover

Hover around
Land gracefully on his shoulder
Catch the tears he sheds
If he sheds any
He’s not one to cry
No matter how sentimental he appears to be

I just lost two minutes
Feeding into this ridiculous fantasy

Catchup baby
You’re falling behind


Waterfalls and Pipe Dreams

like waterfalls
and pipe dreams
you drifted
like a wild fire
did you spread
unable to reach you
for years i hung
by a thread
with no true disposition
a mimic of
a Chameleon at best
unable to see through
you had me highly impressed
like dew drops in the morning
this excitement
eventually did subside
and to my health i promised
i would no longer abide
though it wasn't easy
i knew it was a love
i could never fulfill
like waterfalls
and pipe dreams
you drift along still.


For Every Year You Though You Knew Me

During a backwards moment
There is no awkwardness between me and you
Your kind words will never fade
Know that this is what you need
As ambiguous as I am
This is about
About something you said

If I told you I get angry
Would you nod and tip your glass to me
Continue to hide your approval
Of all I have unfolded to be

With my pen as my weapon
My words are my armor
And I say it’s okay to cry

We are visitors in life
Thank you for visiting with me.



Standing there
In a crowded room
Holding a wineglass
By the stem
While in a successfully
Impressive conversation
With the same people
I try my best to avoid
And just by doing
What you've done
All the feeling I had was lost
It almost hurt too much
To know you
But I know
These good intentions
Will come back to me
At a roadside stand
You'll be there
Selling coconuts and seashells
And all the other pretties
That attract the sentimental
Girls like me
And then you'll leave
When I get the notion
To look back
For a nod of reassurance



He asked to see me naked
I handed him my poems
He stared at them
I said that’s me
Unfiltered emotion
Bare and naked
In your arms.