Favorite on-line site for carb counting

As i attemt to do this the ‘right way’, i find myself wanting a user friendly carb counting app/link/whatever… thanks!

You can always try my standby which is the calorie king site. On mobile it’s https://m.calorieking.com/

Good luck

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Check out MyFitnessPal.com, it has apps that run on different platforms, a great food and restaurant database, and bar code scanner. It has lots of great features to help you monitor and modify your diet, gives target goals for carbs, fats, and proteins, etc.

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I always go with restaurants that have their nutritional info posted, or meals that have this label on them. Unfortunately, it means I eat a lot of microwaveable food or fast food, but I rarely have to guess at carbohydrates.
The majority of the time, the info on third party websites is incorrect and doesnt correspond with the “manufacturer’s” info.

+1 for MyFitnessPal.com

When I first started carb counting for my toddler the endocrinologist gave us a book called The Calorie King its been very useful especially when dinning out.

I love the mynetdiary app. I’ve tried a few and it is my favorite, so much so that I even decided to pay for an annual subscription. You can check it out for a while without committing, and in addition to having a comprehensive food database in which you can enter foods yourself and select favorites, you can also track medications, weight, BP, exercise and other health related items.

It looks like net diary displays the calories, is the carb content there too, just hidden?

Hi Val. Yes, the app does track carbs - they should automatically display along with other nutrition info when you select your food and quantity. I believe you can do some customization of what you see, but carbs appear in the default settings. Here’s a screenshot for an item I pulled.