Favorite place for Omni pod besides stomach?

Okay I need some creative thoughts for my Omni pod placement. My stomach is starting to develop a few areas of scar tissues and I’m wanting to give it a decent break. I know you can put on your outer thigh, upper arm and back but I seem to struggle with all those areas. I tried my arm today but started leaking so switched to my thigh and I must am not as meaty there and feel that my bs runs a little higher here than on other areas of my body. I haven’t tried my back in years primarily because my pump would always fail there and say pod error. Anyone else have some creative suggestions? I saw online that people put on their bottom, but I’m curious how that would work with sitting? I used to do Lantus there when I was on MDI but was able to move that around super easily.

I used to wear an occasional pod on my upper butt, slightly below my waistband. It did get irritated about the third day but otherwise worked similar to previous injections. There are some pictures of people wearing pods on their chest, But I’m way too hairy to have tried that.
Love handle area worked pretty good also…