Favorite Pump Hiding Places - A Girl's Point of View

I am a MiniMed Pumper and have been for 7 years. I have been diabetic for almost 22.

Once I got my pump, it took me a while to figure out how to wear it so that I didn't knock it off consistently. I started experimenting and found some gret hiding places for it and wanted to share and see if anyone had some other hiding places to share

My everyday spots: pants pocket or belt or in my bra

In dresses/skirts/low cut tops: I sometimes wear Spanks (or knock-off versions) and place my pump on my thigh and the spanks hold it in place. This also works with tights. Plus the spanks hold everything "in place" and not just my pump. :)

Working Out: I sometimes wear a regular bra and then a sports bra over it. I put my pump in the small of my bra attached to the regular bra and under the sports. This spot works great when I run because my pump doesn't move around a lot.

These are the spots that I have found work for me. Finding places to "hide" my pump for certain occassions is sometimes difficult. And sometimes I have found it easier to hide the pump than having to answer all those questions: What's that? Is that an MP3 player? What kind of phone is that? etc.

Anyway, if you have any good hiding spots and are willing to share, I would be glad to hear of them!



I actually bought a thigh strap from minimed when i first went on the pump.  Its very handy for with dresses.  Its just a spandex band that is very comfortable with a pound that my pump slides into.  My old roommate would wear hers on the inside of ther jeans pocket so only the clip shows on the outside, to hide hers.  I only try to hide mine if im in a dress, otherwise its out in the open for all to see...lol.  i highly recommend the thigh straps though, they also have them for waists and bras...its very inventive!

I used to just clip the clip on my pocket and have my pump "hang out" but now i wear it on the inside of my jeans pocket so only the clip shows on the outside

So basically i just flipped it around so that i would get less annoying questions...im in high school so they can be pretty stupid sometimes!

i know how you feel about those stupid questions, everytime there is a sub in one of my classes they think it is a cell phone or beeper or somthing else like that and iv even had a sub try to take it away from me before! everyone in my class told that sub she was so stupid!

When i was in middle school i had mine hanging on the outside with the clip and some kid ran down the hallways and swiped it off my pants and pulled my site out! he thought it was a phone..i keep mine in my pocket now! lol..

I usually keep it on the waist of my pants. Since I work for a consulting complany, everyone assumes it's a phone.

I'd like to be able to wear it in my bra more often, but my very "streamlined" cleavage doesn't often allow for that. Sigh! ;)

I've tried the leg strap, but it always slides down on me! The tip about Spanx sounds great though- I'm going to try that for sure.

OK, I'm not a girl, but here's what my girly girl with diabetes does...

My daughter Cassie also uses tight "biker shorts" under her dress or skirt to keep her pump in place. But she thought of another ingenious tool - ace bandages! They' can go on lower on the thigh.

If you'd rather buy asomething more "finished," there are some cool places online where you can buy straps to hide your pump (like http://www.diabetesnet.com/pump_accessories.php)

I hide mine right between my uh  . . . girls so that I never have to worry where to put it with dresses etc. I think all you need is a B-cup or bigger. I have done this since I bought the pump and man has it worked like a charm. I don't even have any extra clips or anything.


The bra seems like an obvious place to put the pump. The only drawback that Cassie told me about was the dreaded "uni-boob." This is one reason we tried the Omnipod.

yea I get a lot of stange question. a few weeks ago at lunch this girl was like " what is it? oh, is it your iPod?" and i'm like, "Yea, sure"(avoiding more questions) and she was like, "Oh, I see the headphones sticking out!" (it was my tubing) SO now me and my friends make fun of that in private=)

I usually stick it in my pocket. If I'm wearing a dress usually I stick it in my bra. "I'm only in 7th grade so its kinda noticable though....=)

Re: Uni boob - Yes, this is a bad side effect with the wrong bra. I think the bra-wearing is best once puberty has passed. It also depends on the type of bra and shape of the girl. I think B-cup is a minimum and underwire with appropriately fitted size is critical for it to be concealed. I was never well endowed (until pregnant) but after about 17, it made it easier.

I think this is something for future suggestions for many of you.

yeah i have this one bra that has a thin middle thing i think i got it at VS and i love wearing my pump with it because you cant really see is when i wear certain shirts. other times ill just stick it in my pockets.

Yeah, one time I was at a school dance, and I put it in my bra because I was wearing a dress. I'm definetly not the talles person at my school, and I think I saw a few people looking down confused... ha ha They probably thought it was jsut a cell phone


thats exactly where I put it! i also wear it in the dip of my hips on either side in a dress or in tights.

I put it in the pocket of my pants, on a pump belt at night and if I'm wearing a dress or skirt with a bad waist band. dDresses with pockets have holes cut in the pocket and i feed the end through and connect it and wear it like that, skirts with good waist bands have snaps sewn into them and my mom made me a pocket with snaps that works really well.

hey. i usually just wear it in my pocket or in a cell phone case. i put it in my bra when i wear dresses. however once i had it fall out once while i was dancing. i grabbed a hold of it and kept dancing. my dad noticed & i guess he figured out what i was doing and was laughing. now i have a bra with a puch to put it in. my mawmaw added one to my strapless

i put it in my pocket if have one. and i put it in the waistband of my skirts and shorts without pockets. and then i put it in my bra when i wear dresses or for any other random reasons i need to. except i used to put it in the strap between the two cups but i recently learned from some other diabetic friends of mine at this dance to put it in the band on the side underneath my arm. it stays better and doesn't fall out if you lean over or whatever. plus, it eliminates the uniboob issue ahah[: and i take my pump off when i work out or for p.e.

HAHA< I have the same problem with the bra idea! Not enough "cleavage" to hide it well! Darn it!

You say that you trid the Omnipod.  What did your daughter thing of it?