Favorite pump site?

Okay, so I've had the pump for almost 3 years now, and I've mostly been putting the site in my stomach. I want to do some new places, because I really hate the scars that have come from doing the same place over and over

What are some of your favorite/ least favorite places to have the site?

Ive been pumping for 6yrs now and I know what you mean about site rotation. Ive tried my thighs but I didnt like it when I was sleeping at night(to uncomfortable in certain sleeping postions) so I use my stomach to and I find its the best place for me. What I do is one site will be on the right side and then the next change I put on the left side. It seems to be not to bad, but I would be interested to see what others have to say about what areas they use for sites.



My brother has been on the pump for about 3 or so years now and the only place he puts it is on his stomach. The endo says he can put it on his thigh but its pretty much all muscle for him. So the site wouldn't go in. Another place they told him to try was his lower back closer to the side. But he didn't like that so much either because he is so skinny. It is very hard for him sometimes to change his set because his stomach gets hard from where he always uses it but he does switch sides on his stomach.

tummy and butt :-)

i have been on the pump for 9 years now and my best and favorite site is on the back hip area. Not right on my rear end but at the top. I started using it there 5 years ago during my first pregnancy and found it very comfortable. I do rotate and use my belly too but I absolutely love the back hip area. I don't know its there and it never gets in the way. I tried the legs and hated it because i always seemed to bump it and then it would get sore and irritated. So for me, its the back side, almost.

thanks guys (:



I use a Minimed pump with 13mm Silhouettes and Sure-Ts.  Sure-Ts are great for arm sites and lately I've been reaching around and slapping them into my back!  Not too far back obviously; only as far as my arm can reach.  I use Sils in my upper & lower abdomen.  My upper abdomen is the most sensitive and sites get very itchy there in the summer so I'll have to back off that area soon.  Lower abdomen is least sensitive.

I've tried leg sites without much success.  Also haven't had luck with the upper butt area.

my favoire site would have to be butt and stomach.

i do stomach in the winter and butt in the summer so when i wear my swimsuit no one sees my scars or my needle

they both work pretty great =)

btw anyone do it in there leg?

The Love handles are the best for me.

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btw anyone do it in there leg?


I tried the top of my thy a couple times, its rather uncomfortable (I do a lot of running, so theres not enough fatty tissue on my thy to use).


I like the idea for the switching in the seasons, never thought of it


I wish i had more places tho :-/