Favorite Pump?

Just a quick querstion for everyone...
I now wear a Minimed 712 pump, but I was wondering what else is out there...
What pump is the best? I know it's personal preference, but I'd like some opinions.
Tell me why you prefer the one you do... Thanks ~ Kristi


I am on the Omnipod and I think if I were not a dedicated Navigator user, I would prefer the Ping.  I like to be active and distractible and that means environmentally durable is a big plus for me.  I like the waterproof nature of both devices and the remote for ease of use. 

The pods have been a tad unreliable for me and anytime I have a site problem, I lose whatever insulin is still in the unit –an expensive trade for finding a new site.  The Ping uses the traditional infusion sets so it is far friendlier in this regard.

So, there I am on the fence and pointing to both sides, LOL – I was all geared up to leave the Omnipod system behind when they came out with their new controller and have it downloading to the CoPilot software.  That’s the same software that my Navigator uses which is as much critical integration as I need.  I like having separate devices because I do things like throw my Navigator in a GPS windshield mount while I’m driving –so a tube attached unit or dual purpose item wouldn’t be as good a fit for me.

I expect I have kicked up more sand and dust storm than I have clarified ANYTHING – but I hope there may have been something useful in that little brain dump above… (perhaps that should read little-brain dump ;) )