Favorite Spot?

Do you have a favorite place to inject? Mine is my left deltoid. I inject there three times a day, every day of my life. It's hard for me to rotate, because it's easily accessible. Well, I work for a rheumatology office, and one of the fellows here (doctor still in training) was practicing on her ultrasound machine, and was like, "Can I borrow some of your body parts to look at muscle tissues and tendons?" So.. she started using the machine on my left deltoid.. and I was SHOCKED. My subcutaneous tissue is soooo severly damaged. I guess I never realized the hard spots in my arm.. it's like lumpy!!! So, word to the wise: ROTATE!!!! :)

Yeah, you have to be careful, scar tissue can build up quick for sure.  I have always rotated between my upper arms, thigh and stomach... after 21 years even with rotating I am sure I have damaged tissue - I can feel it in my thighs for sure, but such is the life of the diabetic.   Rotating will make the sites last longer and not get as damaged for sure.  Also, I have also been told (which makes sense), is another reason for rotating is that when there is a lot of scar tissue, the insulin is not absorbed as well/efficiently by that tissue as opposed to healthy subcutaneous tissue.  So for more than one reason, rotate rotate rotate!  Does anyone else use other sites besides upper arm, thigh and stomach?


when I was first diagnosed I always injected in my thigh but I started to develope hard spots so I switched to the stomach and it has been so much better  I never have a problem. I still rotate using my legs as well, but stomach I use the most.   

I also generally rotate between the arms, stomach and thighs.  For some reason when I was first diagnosed (at 14) I was really weirded out at the thought of injecting insulin into my stomach, but it's one of my favorite places now, because it's so easily accessible!  But I also have to remember to rotate.  

I also find I bruise really easily on my arms and thighs.   Does anyone else have that problem?  Once I had a huge dark round bruise in the same spot on the back of both of my arms.  I got some interesting comments about those.  

I take 5 shots a day, so rotation is very important to me. I rotate between my arms, legs, stomach, and butt. I am sure that after 19 years I probably have damage to my subcutaneous tissue, but I haven't had any hard spots. I do use an automatic injector, which makes it easier to inject in some places, like my arms and butt. Unfortunately, I just found out that BD has stopped making the automatic injector. I have noticed that the injector usually lasts close to 5 years before it breaks. I was in need of a new one and couldn't find anyone that sold them anymore. I finally found a website that had some and I bought 3, so I figure I'll be good for about 15 years...lol. I guess they stopped making them because not as many people are doing injections anymore. Does anyone else use the auto injector?

I love using my stomach, but I feel like I am running out of spots to inject.  I recently started rotating between my thighs, back side/butt, and stomach.  I'm afraid I have scar tissue or damage that will affect my insulin absorption.  In regards to using an automatic injector, that is what I used when I first started insulin therapy.  Now I am using pens with an autocover needle.  I don't know how people can inject without these!

When I had a pump for 3 years, I always connected it to my belly. This past year (that I have been pump-free), I have been injecting in the same area (because the dietician told me it absorbs better.) Well I went to my Endo last week and he told me that could be part of the reason my A1C was so high! Like Meghann said above, ROTATE!! He told me to use my thighs and arms too, and rotate sides and sites every time I inject. But he said that my belly had developed fatty tissue from injecting there for so long, not scar tissue? And he said that excess tissue inhibited the absorption. If anyone understands this can you please explain to me? Because I was always under the impression that insulin absorbed into the adipose (fat) tissue. I may have misheard him, or he may have just messed up and said the wrong word!?

I used my thighs when I was first diagnosed (about 13 years ago) and bruised a lot and got bumps, but now that I started there again I haven't had any bruising or bleeding issues. But, does anyone else have problems with insulin leaking?? I have tried the safety self-covering needles, which are awesome because they hurt less and if you're clumsy like me you can't accidentally poke yourself haha. BTW I use a NovoLog FlexPen and draw up my Lantus in a syringe. I have insulin leaking when I do either, so I'm not sure if it's just me.



my favorite is my belly because it is the easiest to locate....you should see my pr*cks on my tummy! my least favoriteis the arm cuz i cant reach without someone guiding me.

My fav was always my belly. The nurse at the D clinic for kids would bribe me with a candy or gum or a small toy (like what you would get from the dentist as a kid) to get me to try using my arm, or my thigh or my butt at least a few times between our appointments.

I now mostly use my thigh and my arm, as it's easier at work than pulling my shirt up at my desk (and it avoided the blood stained white undertops! haha). I also have stomach issues that are getting worse, so now I find it hurts more in my stomach than before.

Thankfully in all my years (about 13 or 14!) before I started trying to switch my spot for each shot, I never had build up that was a concern..once in a while i would have a bit of hardness in one area but it would quickly go away. I was always warned it could happen so especially now, i try to switch spots around..

I've been on mdi for many years (5/day) and been diabetic for 26. Somehow I've *never* injected in my arms, and now wish I had. I have a noticeable (to me) ridge on my abdomen, but really nothing on my thighs, and those are the two areas I've put....40,000 shots?

I'm considering an OmniPod. I'm tired of insulin shots, blood stains on shirts or shorts, and having to take out a pen and needle at inconvenient times (ie: restaurants, or other public meetings and gathering places.) Pushing a button would be so much easier.

I use my stomach majority of the time and have for many years. Every now and again I'll use my arms. I use the frame of a doorway and push the fatty part of my arm forward then inject.

I've just been on MDI since July/2010.  Between the red welts, the blue bruises and the green and yellow healing bruises, my stomach looks like a game of twister.  I'm also very short waisted so I'm running out of room already because I am constantly rotating.  I lost so much weight  before I was diagnosed that there's not a lot to inject in my thighs and arms.  I guess I should try.  My endo wants me to try the Omnipod when it comes to Canada this summer.  Maybe it will save me a few pokes.

I like to use my stomach the most, but I tend to bruise more easily there.... but it`s kind of funny, because the bruises are so tiny, and when other people see them they get really confused XD

same here with the bruises princessemiko!!! haha

I like my thigh and my stomach, probably my thigh the most. I still am getting used to the stomach it is kind of odd. My least favorite spot is the arm it is so hard to do it my self. Do you guys have any tips of how to inject in the arm more easily?

Like somebody mentioned a few posts earlier, the easiest way to inject in your arm by yourself is to use the frame of the door. Stand next to it and use the doorway frame to push out the back part of your arm so you can inject. I have also used the back of a chair if I'm sitting down, just use the chair back to push out the back part of your arm and inject.

What I do is sit down, put my knee up, and push my arm up with my knee.

And uggghh, I hate pulling my shirt up to inject in my stomach only to have my friends see an ugly bruise sitting there!

I've done it that way too, using my knee.

I am so very bad at rotating, mainly because I'm so slender, so new spots tend to hurt! I typically inject in the upper buttocks/love handle area or in my stomach. Occassionally I'll try my thighs but it almost always hurts or I bleed. I know I have a ton of scar tissue but the bruising and bleeding from trying new spots just sucks