Favorite story

i want to hear some good diabetic stories... favorite health care providor... diabetes camp... how you freaked some kid out with your needles one day... 

let's hear em!

It's not incredibly funny or a favorite, but my latest useofneedlestoscareothers occured last night. My little brother, who I was avoiding his book report (super annoying to try to motivate him to work...), said he "gave in" at one point last night. I'd just taken my finger poker out to check my blood sugar but even being within 5 feet of that thing makes me win by default :P

Around 2003 I had a busted pump and had to wait a while to get it replaced. I was taking shots while I waited. I break the syringe right after I use it, just always have it is what I do. So I was with some friends and we were going to the park. When we got there before we got out of the car  I take my shot break the syringe and throw it in my backpack. The cap and needle part miss and fall into the car and this one dude who was a friend of my friend says "I don't want your sugar diabetes" Everyone else jumped down his throat, I couldn't stop laughing.

One year I was in the hospital on Halloween for DKA. I made a sign out of brown shopping bags and IV tubing and wore it around my neck it read 'I'm a Diabetic give me money instead.'  If I remember right I made a few bucks and got a few little boxes of raisins :)

That is a little weird not gonna lie. I don't know if I necessarily have a favorite story. I mean I am happy and content with how life is. Most of my stories are non D related. If you want real stories I can tell you some of those. I will have to think about the D ones though.

I have to admit I'm kind of shocked that you don't have funny diabetes stories, Brian. If I had to guess the one member that had a million I would have guessed you :P

When I think of all my stories I don't focus in automatically on the D, so if and when it is involved it is part of the overall story. I don't single it out as a one time incident. I will have to sort through my memories for some good stories, I know I have them...

Haha. Here's one for you.

So, I had the Cozmo pump educator at my house on the afternoon that I was starting a pump for the first time. Well, after all of the information and stuff, we were ready to do a site change and fill the reservoir, but all I had was an insulin pen cartridge, because I used a pen at the time. So, my pump eduactor, being the smart person that she was (can you tell I didn't like her?) told me to push some air into it like you would a bottle of insulin. So, being the smart person that I am, I did, and what happens? The little orange plunger in the cartridge pops right out and all of the insulin spills all over my kitchen counter. Now, if that isn't good enough, that just happened to be my last insulin cartridge.

So we called my pharmacy at 5:58, according to the clock at my house, but guess what? They wouldn't fill a prescription for me. It was an emergency! My mom talked to the pharmacist that was still there for like 10 minutes, had no luck, and so the educator got on the phone with him, and also had no luck. He didn't seem to care that I would have no insulin if he didn't fill the prescription for me. So we ended up having to call my endo, get them to call the Walgreens in town, and my dad had to go over there to pick up an emergency fill, which had to be paid for out-of-pocket.

Needless to say, that was not a good way to start on the pump. I laugh now when I think about it, though. (=

Hi 03,

 I still think my favorite diabetic story is Eva Saxl. You can find the story on the ADA web-site(pdf). It's a love story basically. Eva marries Victor and he promises to always take care of her. During WW 2 they are trapped in China and get cut off from Insulin supply. To keep his promise(because he loved her) he taught him self how to make insulin from water buffalo(kid you not), pigs and large animals. Victor kept Eva alive along with a lot of other people. The story is titled A Remarkable Life by Marcia Mazur from Diabetes Forecast July 1991.

normally i dont care when people watch me in a resturant while i do m "thing" but when day when i was still on needles i was out with a few of my friends and someone was staring we decided to be really rude and my best guy friend went over to him and said "stop staring if you want to donate for a cure heres informarion" and gave him JDRF's card


another was when i was in a hotel room with camp and my 2 best camp friends and i were staying in a room with a girl we didnt like so i was giving myself my shots and we told her i was doing drugs and she asked for some ( of course we didnt give her) and this wasnt a diabetic camp

I promised I would try to figure out some humorous stories that I have in my experience as being a person with type 1 diabetes. I have a recent one from this morning. Last night before going to bed I realized that I needed to charge my receiver for my Dexcom CGM. I have an outlet on the right side of my bed in which I keep the plug for Beepy all set. Currently the sensor is on the left side of my body and I tend to sleep on my back or facing the left side of the bed. So prior to falling asleep I plugged Beepy in, draped him and the cord on my stomach and fell asleep. This morning when my alarm clock went off I went to get out of bed. Apparently, last night was a toss and turn night because I had managed to get myself all wrapped up in my power cord. As I got out of bed I nearly tripped and fell as I was all stuck in the cable. I survived that ordeal, and learned a very important lesson. Wake up first, check for power cord, than get out of bed.

my pancreas runs on AAA batteries!