Federal Healthcare Benefit Plans?

Does anyone work for the Federal government and have recommendations for best plans for T1D? Thanks!

Hi Meredith-
I can’t make recommendations among the various carriers since I am not familiar with all of them. However, I have some recent experience with BCBS FEP. Last year I was on their Basic plan. In early December I was diagnosed T1D. I discovered that the BCBS Basic plan does not cover my insulin- Humalog & Lantus. Fortunately this was during open enrollment. I switched to BCBS FEP Standard plan for this year. My Humalog and Lantus are $40 each for 90 day supply through the plan’s mail order pharmacy- CVS Caremark. I just ordered a Dexcom G6 through the mail order pharmacy, as well. Prices for sensors are $125 for 90 day supply. Transmitters are also $125 for 90 day supply. Receiver is $125. Strips, lancets, and pen needles are generally cheaper at retail pharmacy rather than mail order pharmacy. The Caremark website has a search feature to look up and compare prices among pharmacies, but it seems to be frequently out of order. The customer service people at BCBS FEP are great. Hopefully some more federal employees can share information about other plans.

Hi @rrhrachel . I just wanted to share that I use Goodrx to compare prices at my local pharmacies, and there are probably others you can try if you need.
@meredithJDRF you might want to connect with an insurance broker. I would imagine they can filter by federal plans to help you compare.