Feeling alone and depressed

Hi everyone I’m 17 years old… I’m from India and a newly diagnosed type 1 patient … I’m home schooling and don’t have any friends to talk… And now my life is also changed … I mean no friends no tastes of tongue ,always feeling alone … Always depressed… And also can’t go out as my sugar levels are unpredictable sometimes they are above 400 mg/DL and sometimes they are just 50 mg/DL … I’m always In fear of hypoglycemia… And remains very sad but coping with it very happily … I’m a person full of lyf but sometimes I break down and feel very very sad…

I pray that you find hope. I have a family member newly diagnosed. We are all grieving too. Do you feel you have been properly educated about diabetes?

Hi @dano … Thanks for ur blessings … No I’m not well educated bout this type of diabetes cause its rare in India … My mother also have diabetes but she has type 2 diabetes… So we are coping with it and getting knowledge about it through different doctors and through internet … What about your family member?

Dheer - my eldest son was also diagnosed at 17. As soon as you are able - and you get over the shock I am confidant you will do fine as he did. My son (and later also my daughter) were put on Humalog insulin. Novalog is also a very good insulin, both take daily meal injections using a device called a Pen. Maybe you can look up on the Internet. They also use a similar device for the one a day “basal” dose called Lantus. It is certainly a life adjustment that makes young lives have to mature and be a bit more responsible. But both my kids have adapted quite well and have played sports, gone to college all the wile eating and enjoying life as any young adult does. Blessings…

Hi @vdenerson … Thanks for ur blessings … And sorry to hear about ur son and daughter … How old r they now??

25 and 19

Hmm…OK … R they using Facebook?

I know my hospital nurses were very good about giving excellent advice. We were given an amount of carbohydrates for each meal, and an amount of units to inject based on our blood sugar levels (called a sliding scale). If we go low less than 70 we drink 2 to 8 o od sugary fluid wait 15 minutes and test bg again. repeat this until your sugars come back up. If we are greater than 70 give a solid snack. ALWAYS have an emergency stash of quick acting sugar, like juice, or honey, or pure sugar, or glucose tab with you. Then it is okay if you are out and have a low. You should also have a glucagon pen an a diabetic ID card with information about your condition so if anything happens they will know you are diabetic. (www.medicalert.org, www.americanmedical-id.com, www.fifty50.com, www.missbrooke.com) Another reference for education, www.pinkpanther.com or www.childrensdiabetesfdn.org)

It’s not easy that’s for sure, not sure if you are in Asia? I lived in Asia for many years and know there are ‘unique’ challenges to dealing with diabetes there that are different than in North America, but when I was diagnosed 35 years ago, the challenges were different here as well, my friends thought of it as a disease they knew because their grandparents had it, so they thought there were many things I couldn’t or shouldn’t do. That drove me to prove them wrong, but also to hide the fact that I had diabetes.

It isn’t easy…but FIGHT! take up the challenge, you will encounter difficult doctors with opinions that don’t fit your experience, perceptions of the people around you about what you can and cannot do, crazy feelings related to your blood glucose, crazy blood glucose that doesn’t make sense given your efforts, feeling like a failure when despite your best efforts your blood glucose isn’t what you thought it would be, and lots of other challenges, BUT you will also experience good doctors, nurses and other caregivers that really care, take pride in the fact that you have a major challenge and CAN and WILL meet it to the best of your ability, more knowledge about your body than 99% of the people around you have, and so many other positive things that can come out of this, when you succeed at managing your health you can be a source of hope and an example for other people as they struggle with the same or similar conditions.

There are lots of people on this site with maybe thousands of years of combined experience, they will help, most of us didn’t have this when we were diagnosed, so you are way ahead of the game, try to find gratitude, it can only help you to feel better, and we will be here to help all we can.
Stand strong!

Thank u all for ur support… Can please u tell me the price of the pump in ur country?

You are one of an estimated 97,000 people living with Type 1 diabetes in India, so I hope that makes you feel less alone! Have you reached out to endocrinology centers such as Fortis or the Endocrine Society of India?