Feeling Blamed for Being Diabetic

I feel like getting on a rooftop and screaming at the top of my lungs that I am not and never was a type 2! When I was first diagnosed, I told friends I was a type 2, because this is what I was told. But then a few months later, I learned I was actually a type 1. So now when I try to explain to people it was a misdiagnosis by the doctor because he just assumed I was a type 2 due to me not being a kid, people give me this, oh, why did you let it progress? It is hard enough to deal with living with diabetes, but to be blamed for it. I’m not saying type 2 should be blamed. I just feel like they’re being even more critical of me over something I have no control over. I’m not even going to mention the misdiagnosis anymore because it’s just too hard to get people to understand that they are different conditions. And me becoming a type 1 has nothing to do with me not taking care of myself. Not sure if I’m making any sense. But I just needed to vent my frustrations.

I was diagnosed when I was 23, and the same misdiagnosis happened to me. I too stopped telling people of the misdiagnosis and just tell them I am type 1. They still don’t get it though, because they don’t know what type 1 really means. Sometimes I take the time to explain the difference, and sometimes I just don’t feel like getting into the details. Mainly people try to “fix” my diet.

There’s no need to put so much energy into this. People simply don’t understand all the nuances of diabetes. Why are they even asking you about the misdiagnosis at this point anyway? Just tell them the doc screwed up because it can take a few months to say for sure in some cases. If they keep harping you, just say “It’s complicated, you wouldn’t understand.” The dumb ones will just drop it and feel more dumb, and the smart ones will genuinely be interested in how this happened. Refer them to the JDRF website if they keep pressing you for information…that will usually shut them up. If they still keep harping you, then I hate to say it but they are not worth keeping as friends.