Feeling down with normal blood sugars

I've noticed recently that when my blood sugars are in a normal range i seem to always feel depressed and down. When my blood sugars are 200+, however, I feel great.

Most other diabetics are the opposite, which makes sense (high = bad mood, normal = great), and I'm wondering if anyone else feels down in the dumps whenever there blood sugar is "normal"? Could it be a side effect of constant high sugar that my body has set 200+ as a new "normal"? (yes, I know thats not a good thing)

me and my friend are like that all the time because we are high all the time (that didnt sound right :P) but were getting better

It's good to hear that I'm not alone, haha.


When you say getting better, do you mean that your blood sugars are in better range? Because if so, hopefully that will help. My numbers have always ran high, mainly due to the fact that I have been very careless about my diabetes for most of my life. The last year or so, however, I have started trying to take better care of it.

I'm not sure whether I'm feeling so blue when my blood sugars are "normal" because my body has adjusted to the higher sugars or because it is an underlying depression that was covered by the hype of high blood sugars.

I have always been a happy, upbeat, f un-loving kind of kid, but lately it seems like I just don't want to do anything and feel almost anti-social unless my numbers are high.

I just want to know what could be the cause?

I find that Im in a better mood when my levels are a little high (150- 190ish) I'm pretty sure its because I don't have as much anxiety about them dropping. Like physically I feel good at 100 but I can't help worrying that in the next half hour it will just drop. I just hate that nervous feeling so much

I have been wondering the same thing with my son!!  He has just recently been diagnosed at the age of 9 with type 1....when his numbers are 150-200 he doesn't seem to be as moody and as hungry ...when they are lower which according to doctors is the normal...he is just miserable!!! I wish I knew how to help him more..its so hard!