Feeling False Lows?

Does anyone ever feel low but not actually be low? I’ve started to feel this pretty much every single day for the last two weeks. I don’t feel low like I usually do. It’s different. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it doesn’t feel as intense as a true low. I’ve checked Dexcom and my glucometer, and they say my blood sugar is fine. I’ve felt it above 300 and below 90.

Does anyone else feel like this or know what I’m feeling?

Hi @Darth_Yader low blood sugar symptoms are exactly the same symptoms as an anxiety attack. The same hormones are involved, the same fight or flight feelings. Always check with a meter before treating. An anxiety attack can happen at any blood sugar. Good luck.

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I sometimes feel something like a low when my blood sugar is dropping. It’s not quite the same, but a similar kind of jangly feeling. Like you, I’ve even felt it when my blood sugar is high (above 200) but is coming down according to my CGM.

Hi Taylor! @Darth_Yader I have felt the same thing. Most of the time it is when I have run a little high with my numbers for a few days, and then reign in my snacking and ramp up my walking. When my blood sugar stabilizes below what it was used to (even for a short time) I have a light “low” feeling. It goes away after a few hours. I have also felt low with anxiety. However, with me, anxiety drops my blood sugar. So, I start to feel low, check my CGM and I am fine, then actually have a low and am mistaken and think it is anxiety. :woman_shrugging:t2: I stopped my mask wearing during the pandemic because of this. The mask would cause anxiety. And the anxiety would drop my blood sugar. I wouldn’t notice, because all I felt was anxiety and I was so emotionally upset I never checked my CGM. My low of 41 in a grocery store changed my mask wearing forever.

Have you been having extended highs lately? Many years ago I switched doctors. I had been living in the mid or high 200s for a while so we made some changes to improve my numbers. One day I was around 200 and called my doctor confused because I felt like I was low and needed to eat although my numbers said otherwise. He told me there was no need - my body was so used to “riding high” it would sense lower numbers as low even though they weren’t. So no snack for me (darn in!) but as my body adjusted to numbers that got closer to normal, the feeling went away.