Feeling guilty

my family and i went camping a few weeks back. one of the nights my sister and i stayed up talking.. we finally decided to go to bed because we were both really tired.. as i got up i noticed i felt a little funny.. so i decided to do my test.. it was low and my sister asked wat it was.. she was already laying in bed... i told her and she got up and told me to sit still while she gets me stuff to eat.. i still feel totally guilty because i didnt want her to feel she had to stay up with me while i got my sugar back up.. i just dont want people to feel they have to babysit me or watch out for me.. i dont want them to feel responsible either.. does anyone else sometimes feel this way?

Don't worry......that (over?)protective attitude will go away. My wife used to do the same thing. If I woke up in the night, she would get mad if I didn't get her up. It is a way that the people who love you show their love. I always felt like my wife thought I couldn't take care of myself, she just did it because she wanted to help, and it eased her mind to know she was actively participating in my health.

Yea, and to add to it. I am not so young anymore so that also comes into play. LOL

Like Maus said, it's the way people show their love. I've always told my boyfriend not to worry about me, that most of the time when I feel my blood sugar is low it's not low to where I can't get something for myself. He always insists on getting me something to eat, and when I ask him about it he always tells me that he'd rather do it than take that chance that one time I'm not okay to be walking around and doing it myself.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that the people that love us cannot take our diabetes from us for a day so we can have a break, and they can't test their blood sugar or give themselves insulin in place of us having to do it. So, they feel like if they can help when our blood sugar is low than at least they are helping us as best they can.

I've never had anyone get me something when my sugar was low. I would love it if someone did. I like it when I have a hard/bad low if someone sits with me until I feel normal again. There's not always someone around to just sit me either so I'm happy when someone is. I say just be happy that your complaint is your family cares too much because my family wouldn't even know what to do if I couldn't handle my lows by myself.