Feeling hopeful

It’s almost a month that my daughter was diagnosed with T1D and she’s 3 years old at first I was so upset, sad and mostly concerned of her well being. My firsts 2 weeks after she was diagnosed I wasn’t able to sleep, eat and every morning I got up sick of my stomach that I have to throw up. We are doing better now really adjusting and accepting my daughter condition. I’m feeling hopeful my daughter has a great team and I and my family doing the best we can to help her to adjust to her condition. I’m bless because she’s smart and already understanding her condition sometimes she picks the finger or where I’ll inject her insulin.

Hi rosa @Muneca,

I feel for you, I can feel how you have been affected, nut also encouraged by your daughter “acceptance” by offering a finger for BG checking.

I’d like to be able to tell you “… that the worst is over” but I know that would be overly optimistic. As a mother, I know you will be heavily involved with her care and that you will never stop worrying - just recently two of my sisters shared the worry and concern my mother [and family] had when I was diagnosed 60 years ago. Come here when you need information or just want to lean on someone; try to remain positive with your daughter.

Thanks Dennis
Going step by step

Thank you Dennis for the answers I’ve been reading from you. Thank you to all on this forum from a grandma that has a 4 year old grandson recently diagnosed.